Things I like to do

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“this is the easy time, there is nothing doing”- Sylvia Plath

Cherries and quieter moments
basking in the volatile spur of the moment
and there I sit and gulp your madness
your cold, hot waxy madness.
I wonder, how you eat my skin in the noon,
with a cheek of sublime apple,
water ripple flushing my eye.

winters are blankets of love and pain.
you sink like a twig in a swamp,
and you still want to clasp the moon.
My nostrils cold,
with you in it,
a sleepless satire of pale face.

I sit, a wall of clock eating my claw,
my fist aching,
counting the floating moment of time,
A catharsis of breeze often romances with my bosom
telling me talks of air, crisp and erratic.
And there, I am lost, empty, earthed like air.

My recent work published here- my words.

And yeah once again I am all about SP! And where are my old WP writers?


  1. and when two of my great poetess combine you expect fireworks. “you sink like a twig in a swamp,
    and you still want to clasp the moon.” You had me still frozen in time reading these lines.
    Also, read your other two poems and commented on the website. Congratulations !! my dear Devika.

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  2. Thing I like to do is to follow you completely. I know, sometimes I err, but the desire is strong.
    Lovely reading and I have subscribed to ‘two drops of ink’
    Thank you for tolerating this fan of yours

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  3. Really love the juxtaposition between the simple things and those more complex inner workings. This certainly speaks to the kinds of things I like, too.

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