Call for Submissions: There Is Strength In Our Stories

Originally posted on Blood Into Ink:
In honor of Sexual Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month, Blood Into Ink and We Will Not Be Silenced are putting out a call for submissions for your lived experience of sexual harassment and assault. We believe that there is strength in our collective voices. We believe our work is…

A blue attack

Blue, blue. My hands leak blue crooked blood. I tried suicide today. Walked like a ghost/ a melancholy boiler. a house that leaks. wax statues going bizarre. Bizarre like dissolving inside my hollow stomach. i am here. i am there. A loop of curve, falling on the equinox. burn this society inside my mouth i… Continue reading A blue attack

this poetry is countless.

  your body. it spreads under my own body. duplex spiral grapevine. / Cherries under your foot, A lament to recite, day and night. count and tell me the times I sank for you, in you, above you. / My voices tore away like a sunburn. love blooms love with such endearment A landscape of… Continue reading this poetry is countless.

windows and mirrors

Often, I am a whole another woman. A woman who sighs with almond breaths, oceanic concave shape of my face, something like an oval,’with fingers typing “slow, breathe” somewhere in this moist air. This woman is inside my onion mind, slithering an oculus bowl of chipped nights. ah, eh, ah, eh the voices are hollow,… Continue reading windows and mirrors

Poetry that eats me

I was told since beginning to breathe. Outside the loathing empty voice. Like a romantic bud blossoming under the clear sky. I knew i had some issue. I was often mad. People called me anxious. And life vomited every disgusted feeling, a black hole on my face. I survived that. i survived my anxiety. The… Continue reading Poetry that eats me

cold room

“That stale air you think of is heaviness surrounding the numb teeth.” It’s dark, It’s the night. we slumber with mouths open trying to please. trying to pick lotus with our heavy lips. I stare into this earth which holds me like a baby, and then the flashback of pills and heartaches. that moment of… Continue reading cold room

A rescue poem.

i come to places where i can stich a notion to my entire body of chemicals. Strange things happen here. A women die each day/ there are ways and methods for it/ a loop of sorrow sinks like an abortion. And a mist encircles my eyebrow, like a wide corridor collapsing. i visit places that… Continue reading A rescue poem.


Thunders, in the mouth that we carry A piquant starlight of your skin. My darling, you live like . a town in my belly. Each day, we grow in the circles of sestina. A sweet nectar of snowflakes, a silhouette of moist lip. The retracing footsteps of delusions, scratching the tip of tongue, where we… Continue reading Darling

Porcelain dreams

i watch you sleeping in the coldness nights of eve-dropping with my vapid blue chipped nails, still gasping for breath, i watch you like a surrealistic, walking above the ocean to touch the mouths of lost and valleys of lights. I turn and twitch on the bed of mirrors, it has parts of your liquid… Continue reading Porcelain dreams

Things I like to do

“this is the easy time, there is nothing doing”- Sylvia Plath Cherries and quieter moments basking in the volatile spur of the moment and there I sit and gulp your madness your cold, hot waxy madness. I wonder, how you eat my skin in the noon, with a cheek of sublime apple, water ripple flushing… Continue reading Things I like to do

Under- observation

Yesterday was the hardest if i must say with amniotic sheets of lost air dripping my bare chest and extraction of arms, making my mouth dry, loss of homes could be seen. Missing phone booth’s of lavender drops of deads, and hunters, hunters, hunters, yes, you have visited the I.C.U of my mouth with palpitating… Continue reading Under- observation

all that is you

you have a burning orange taste like the room lit with forest. dark and sequin patterns of lust. my darling, i look at you and i dissolve, a cape of Ganges. From your cheeks, i sip dews of dusk. and i worship you like a dreamcatcher, praying for your lucid footsteps, A soft murmur inside… Continue reading all that is you

As I watch

  There is color alchemy. yellow, yellow pavements calling me to collapse. And there is a bowl, I see reflection, ripples, colors again. some old memoirs. a hush and a loud roar. The wind occupies the ecosystem, The shapes of water signs as if dancing swiftly. The sensuous textures I see in the waters. Crystals,… Continue reading As I watch

distortion in mirror

i can’t mend things perfectly like a soothsayer in my vagina asking to rise- a phoenix of morality but i cant do a thing flawlessly you see- i have a thing forsaken to blend with another skin of my body, cerulean dreams of raisins and chestnut i am black i am broken, pieces jittered in… Continue reading distortion in mirror