The noise of this brain

On SD.

Sudden Denouement Collective

By Devika Mathur

And so I crumble in my own jaw line

Leaking from the iris,

A stoned mahogany stuck

Beneath the frivolous sky,

I lie like a pond, open and scarred,

Rummaging through your eyes,

To seek something that belongs to my lip.

I fail.

I fail the second day as well.

My mind talks pills and potions

A volatile adamant touch of burps.

A ripple lost and secured.

My mind is insane, forever.

Devika Mathur, a poetess from India is a published poetess and is a lover of everything dark and surreal. Her work has been previously published in Sudden Denouement, Visual Verse, Dying dahlia review, two drops of ink, Madswirl, The rye whiskey review among various others. Find more of her musings athttps://myvaliantsoulsblog.wordpress.com

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18 thoughts on “The noise of this brain

  1. You got like a billion conversation posted.
    so I gotta digg deep to the bottom to say something cliche like…
    if your words put together were a color…..
    your words would be like…
    looking into a kaleidorscope spinning…..
    I think it would be that….👌👌👌👌👌

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