Give me/ something

perhaps i got caught between your silk fingers, gently throwing the vomit away, petals of lips brushing away, swaying like thunders. perhaps, i slipped into you before time, before spring could collapse on my belly, time sticks too many collection. i am bloodlust, caffeine on the stove, incensed. expanding like perforated sky only to melt… Continue reading Give me/ something


  it’s that time of the month when the earth blooms like a bride, and a thumb of life splinters. fragments of the earth, the moon like a mahogany autumn kiss, divides my body into two beautiful halves. I am a blossom now, a dew on the foreheads of Gods. Those gods who created a… Continue reading splinters

as i begin to leak

A memoir of rusty olives. hanging like saliva from my forehead. I am a bizarre lady with a half lit moon. I have been a lover, a mistress, a daughter. a tempest swirling from the eye of truth. Slipping from the gullet of time. And now, i create a fantasy of hallucinations. An empty bed… Continue reading as i begin to leak


i have words, letters , synonyms hanging like branches of temple. point of emotions. wars. i am not alive, i am hanging like joints. these ephemeral stages that are bulbs during the day. for no reason, i am damp and moist. Forest with twigs lit my entire body. Is it the poetry spreading like a… Continue reading veins

a heart to you

  for all i remember the morning was obscure, misty and dewy, almost like a suicide. he stood flowing, hopping from city to city with mirrors broken, a kiss forgotten. i drew a circle that day to keep myself safe, i always do that. a circle with mangroves, swamps. fingers / traipsing my mollusc body.… Continue reading a heart to you

things with flowers

its like lilies. diluted heaps of blue tears. scalded and indexed. all the marking onto my heavy lips. My lips are even today, with plum shade paint dancing on the rim of sorbet. its like white wildflower, a fish with black scales dancing in its slumber. Piquant, small pebbles cascacding from tears. salty as skin.… Continue reading things with flowers

the only thing that matters

yes, its the drop of ink on my mouth of hallucinations. The pink, wet curvature of hope. I am not always dark, for all you think so. I often melt and float with a sestina on my hip. A swollen ebb of amnesia and what not. I am an empty room with a mahogany chair… Continue reading the only thing that matters

A collector of things

i write about words flipping. An austere silence of white spot. where my mind slips like a star, a container of things. All things small. All things big. Sunflowers. Mirrors. Wash basins of sins. A sliced layer of a tongue. i keep things safely like the moon keeps tides. Often my body expands, and i… Continue reading A collector of things

a little love

i do not say i want your metaphors all the time. I need your bowl of reflections, white and pure. Thick fog running through my backbones, i am tired of feeling this red colour inside my body. Dilute it, maybe?Splash a mute word, spreading like a fungus, onto my body. You see, i don’t want… Continue reading a little love

Nights and words

I know the pain, Irrevocable moisture on pillow. the fights between the pills and cactus morning lust with skeleton. Quick thick penumbra, a hysterical sigh each day. purgative blood makes you strong i think something out there makes you more black and you hold and clasp, till you gulp and swallow i know that surreal… Continue reading Nights and words

no reasons

cold hands meet me like temples, adjoining bodies of splash. a mother, a sister, a verb, a noun, it all begins with me, a feverish touch of mine, endless spots of joy and birth. a door often conjures murmurs. continuous, ephemeral drops of dreams, hanging like autumn leaves, a transitory position slips beneath me. i… Continue reading no reasons