dear all

Dear all,

I wish to say a quick hi to all. I am currently passing through a rough time linked to many things. So, if my poetry is dark or surreal well hello, that’s me. You are free to read or to move away from my blog, but kindly do not be insensitive to my words. I really do not care about the likes or the count. Life is much more than that. Isn’t it?

my latest work published on Mad Swirl can be read here. Also, my poetries will be available soon on many upcoming anthologies. Hope you all still read my words? it’s up to you!


61 thoughts on “dear all

  1. It certainly is never about the count or the likes. Not to me…keep those words doing whatever you wish them to do. And cheers, I hope things are as good as possible. oh and fyi, the link to view your poem on madswirl isn’t working when I click on it.

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  2. You just be you. It is all any of us can be. I know about those dark times, believe it or not. Surreal and dark is fine by me. I read but don’t comment much because I am no good at knowing what to say. All power to you my friend, and I hope the rough times pass son. Xo

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      1. Just keep going my friend. It will pass. But it’s horrid whilst it is happening. Sadly, I am not as brave as you. I don’t always write how I feel. But Ivwould like to. Oh yeah, some days I do. But a few fucks would not go amiss on some days lol.

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  3. Your poetry is a representation of your soul and so it too should show your ups and downs, lightness and darkness. I’m sorry if people can’t understand that, but your poetry is a gift and I’m only happy to read it no matter what the content! I’m wishing you well, dear ♥️

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  4. Continue to be honest to your craft and yourself… I understand, I use to be a storm chaser… plus our minds are intersections for new thoughts, old memories and things attached to our subconscious that we are not even aware of… So be authentically you…

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      1. Was in Europe for 3 months due to internships. Then been busy with studies and projects. It’s a lot going on. Read your posts during layovers at airport though. Searching for some inspiration. Help ?

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  5. But on a more positive note, i admire anyone who can channel their suffering into something productive. I was never able to write poetry about my problems. The two things are completely orthogonal to me. =/

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      1. Ya so I am much philosophical to you..(u must be knowing that through my poems) much mature too! Which again for obvious reasons.
        Now, I am 26. So the rest I don’t need to explain. And I do have my close Friends who are of ur age. But they are hell realistic. So yeah.


  6. Life is full of ups and downs but can never miss the wonderful poems written by you. Writing is the best place where you are able to show emotions without personal bounce of people. It Reliefs your thoughts and giving you encouragement to face the challenges.


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