Obscure shades

lights on this orange body,
this wood is a proof
my mouth is a squid,
hanging to catch your wet breath.
a fainting memory eats me.
for i am a sucker of bones & heart.

this is a spot of us, darling,
the summery grass of love-making.
i bite my scorched lips,
i bite my tongue to feel your departure,
and i feel hollow as a black spot.

a trajectory of million dreams.
stilness often wraps my swollen body,
and flicks my elongated neck,
until i eat your face, simple & molten.

i am that vase, half- lived.
half floating and it sucks to be like that.


      1. I was hoping you would be, you are such a dynamic woman… there is a duality about you through your writing, but you feel the need to protect the sweeter, softer side. yet I see beyond the darkness, because you yourself are the light at the end of the tunnel… peace and best of wishes, my dear poetess

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  1. oh i’m sorry. seems like, at night, your eyes seems to color itself, just so they could twinkle, as and when you smile. hoping you’re well and having a lovely day and is not stressed. πŸ™‚


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