Obscure shades

lights on this orange body, this wood is a proof my mouth is a squid, hanging to catch your wet breath. a fainting memory eats me. for i am a sucker of bones & heart. this is a spot of us, darling, the summery grass of love-making. i bite my scorched lips, i bite my… Continue reading Obscure shades

A time/ so called

Back at my vintage house in India, i have a memory dying there on the windowsill, a cobweb formation. a moth sucking life from another. there, a cataract lie envelopes my pale body. i see myself each day hushing this array of blue stack of migraines. i disavowal what made my pink- poetry once. and… Continue reading A time/ so called

I float like a spot

i see you spreading like blob of colors sunset inside your mouth, a hundred nights of sickness grows. somewhere, arms growing like a living room. mother, your chin spewed chemicals, on the night I was born. 1:00 am. a night that swallowed both of us. You carried varicose time on your sickening waist, like time… Continue reading I float like a spot

a thing about winters

the nights during winter are bizarre, you see everything naked, the whirring sound as a backdrop of things never seen, the morbid, lifeless bed sheets screaming your voice hidden beneath, the broken knob from my gas stove, still clicking. yellow segments coming off from my wall, and i hear it all, like never before a… Continue reading a thing about winters

I think of you

you sit on my corrosive neck and feel the black void spot, i have bones made of bone-china and a little neck to proceed. i stand and look for you in aberrant currents, i split daylight across your arms. to know the layers of your skin & words i perform rituals day after day. A… Continue reading I think of you

Understanding it all

i want to grow like trees and shrubs, with my soft lids still on, pages rustle my thick blood often, a sound to hum i want to take everything in at once, moisture, dry breeze slapping my jaws everything like sleeping beauty. thick sheets of frozen memories are bizzare, i know it. i understand. still… Continue reading Understanding it all


a starlight stuck to my mind, to my elongated staircase neck, atom meeting atom. a whirlpool of petals and memories, clasped between my chin, a thin map stitched there. the map of insanity, cities squirming. a doused eye of temperature unstable, this eye, a tenuous, watery limpid eye. it sees autumn, winters and spring like… Continue reading discordance