to defy time

i sit outside in the incensed moon, galloping my swallow droplets of fear, a knuckle breaking knuckle, what’s the fear of this cricket chirping? the modals of life. these hands are burrows of islands, small and large, a heightened hue of black spot. I sit and inhale the ambiguity here, the cracks on the white… Continue reading to defy time

You can taste pain like this

Pain. The most inexplicable beauty of humans. Masked and tattered. Orange peel-like surface. As you begin to walk, you feel the blurb of suntanned skins. Lack of juices. ShOrtening of breaths. And there is this pain, gazing your throat. Knuckles break, like the liquids of body evaporating. Rancid platter of nostalgia. You try to walk… Continue reading You can taste pain like this

The day- I -age

I feel like i am retiring from the rusty chairs of mine. this amniotic liquid evaporating slowly. the blurred lines fading like dusk the oil, hushing my ink. and the unnatural baskets of dreams( the hallucinations where the mind is a myth) i become lush and marked, thin veins drying. stigma eating my mouth first,… Continue reading The day- I -age

Aerial forever

Darling, i have seen the ombre of your lips and words like mirrors protruding a new leaf, like a vintage walnut is hidden under my pillow, your kiss under my pillow, for memories are my skin. Darling, i have known you all these years as the shadow of the moon, tingling my dreams, making me… Continue reading Aerial forever


Words. They break me like lightning inside.Slick balls of painted nights,cold, bleak and wounding.The body becomes a range of chemicals.Seizures and paranoia, talking to me.Winter often comes in a runny ink blob,pitcher of milk, black forest.And i sit like bumblebee, mending, sitting, buzzingin my skins of lie and corrosion.A facet of darkness leaks within, like… Continue reading Words

a forgotten memory

I am a forgotten memory with a quiet mouth of a clock( a chain that clogs my neck) a forgotten yellow tainted page, blank as an ocean. These people i see, i smile at my own hands, my own chin, my deep purple intense eye(i know it has an intense shape of a flower) softly… Continue reading a forgotten memory

Vacant voices

A moment elongates itself like a thick sleet of froth thin as a membrane often, it’s a horrible need to ingest the petals something that slits the skin and tongue, watch the phantom of atmosphere, how incorrigible swirl waft the cheekbones. Often voices stuff my vacant rooms with leftover light. Voices like “Oh you love”…voices… Continue reading Vacant voices