how- i- live & die

a fallen atom ( calmed tones of a lullaby)
seeps into the skin of my arms, it’s frozen.
hear the nerves being crooked, a bellowing stoned mark.
what happens when this arm dissolves?
like a stubborn piece of cloth
vapours of heavy eyelid swings in the sky.
my mouth is hushed in pain and drama.
and i offer the petals of this body to the God of time,
(the god of sustenance)
i am a rebirth form of elasticity, for scars have expanded,
cloyed the slime heart of mine.
(it’s disgusting)
Words slip out of time, like unfit body parts
into tiny fragments of paranoia.
and i speak like a fool, i think like a fool,
i become a fool.

i sit like an orange patient time
outside, watching and dying
to cut your memory and worth and digest like this soil.
(the drama is in my eyes, the pallor of dropping bosom)
i watch an ant colony,
digging and breaking my monochrome knuckles,
this mouth is finally a bag of silent leaves.

35 thoughts on “how- i- live & die

      1. “…my arms, its frozen
        hear the nerves…”
        the “its” doesn’t really make sense, as frozen is an adjective. do you mean “it’s”, and if so, what is the “it” referring to, if arms is plural?
        “vapours of heavy eyelids swings in the sky.”
        should be swing, or eyelids’
        “i sit like an orange patient time”
        this sounds awkward to me but it’s probably technically no errors. to “sit like a time”, meaning, to sit like a period of time? Was that what was intended? And the period of time is orange and patient?

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