the way i close my eyes is a seduction.
a clementine red prayer to my body,
with dark clouds. a sleepless child humming.
a black spot spinning in the sky, apparitions of liquid monotony.
it churns the limbs inside
with a mouth of lust.

there is a dark room of closed fists,
fists that shimmer red pain. Inside my mind of a blank page.
a white pure kiss hanging,
like a loop foreheads murmuring a word.

a seizure. a dream. I close my eyes, I see myself floating
alone in the lanes of words, a reverie of mists.
Flowers bloom inside my mouth. Knuckles of painted red nostrils.

This land is pious for I am unknown to myself.
i sneeze like a ghost
with my hands saying my uncanny dreams.
a concoction of love and death.
it’s here, speeding like a wasp.
we walk like ghosts,
sip and drink,
the arching thunders of time,
slipping softly.
hush and be quiet now. Be your own butterfly.

32 thoughts on “the-perceptions-of-life

      1. No, not weird at all. More like genius thoughts brought together to a comprehensive form. I guess if I can understand it, then I’m an antenna to your frequencies, but in no way would I be able to write like you do. I’ve watched your style for quite some time and can’t put my finger on it. But I also am aware writing also comes from heart and soul.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Wow! So I am honored actually.
        Your words make me feel you have been secretly stalking me perhaps? Lol. Thank you anyway for saying such kind and warm words.

        Truly appreciate it to bits.


  1. Be your own butterfly is truly enchanting. The passion and quality of this one is clearly felt like a loving stroke of a feather. I love this one anytime and now ❤️


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