what remains- time kills

sediments of love and despair,
like a dose of a morbid orchid petal,
throbbing in my blue cheeks
my limbs are rooms, small pavements that you rock
small parts, dilating trembling stairs of life,
a star inside a boxed room of loneliness
revolving in the thicket sheets of air,
a haze and a backache.
a periphery of grapevines, strangling
telling me to be naked on the evil plates of loss.
i bite my lips.
i bite my lips.

my body is nothing but a voice of pain
shredding, autumn leaves
a loose fitted, transitory polar air,
cold, crisp and moist like
a surgeon bisecting my legs, my frozen tongue.
and i am nothing
only a figment of blurred smoke,
ashes like a solid piece of rope.


18 thoughts on “what remains- time kills

  1. One question always comes to mind when I read your poetry. How does MVS go so deep into her soul to compose these dark and deep gems?
    My body is nothing but a voice of pain. Wow.
    But those last two lines. Perfection. Two of the best lines I have read all year.
    You never cease to amaze me.

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  2. Certainly, I would say, with my imperfect knowledge of class poetry, that this one is of a very high standard.
    And for me that magic potion to be intoxicated every time I read, which I do several times when it’s from this poetess.
    Thank you MVS

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have never read pain to be defined in such vivid ways and with a billion metaphor.
    Some pieces always hit hard. I really liked the title you chose. I could have written a poem on this. Your pain it too inspiring for me, Devika.

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