fears, apparitions
 all in the fist of sun
 drunk like Orange ghost
 I sip a string of velvet curtain
 palpable strings of night
 i take the atmosphere home,

Autumn breaking down,
 in need of denouement
a phase of psychosis-
 what does a star desire?
 Hope, freedom
 or a song to sing itself.



  1. Every time I conclude that this is my favorite piece of writing by you, you come up with another one & it becomes my ultimate favorite for the day until you write next time. Not every writer has a magical essence to their writing like you do, you’re truly gifted! 💞

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  2. You really cannot get the essence of the poem in its first read..maybe it’s only me..But in every pass, I find a new beauty, a new meaning in your poem.”drunk like Orange ghost”what a metaphor.

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