Bleed it till you breathe

flux the cactus outwards stretching from your comatose body of air Inwards and upwards, the abnormalities with twigs of mahogany bleeding between your legs, let it out, screeching your skull till the brim splits and an adroit sleek barrier exist, Your body, a stoic compressor of thoughts and sighs with longitudinal horizons. Plain and sober.… Continue reading Bleed it till you breathe

Sounds of you

This evening is a slender fireplace burning my wet loss of losing you a loss is a numb attack until felt and so i see hums, bells sliding between out cheese skins, mellow at the bottom, i am a dream of a lavender, matchsticks burning curtains of you, slowly slowly you meltdown from the Alps,… Continue reading Sounds of you

Pointless air-i breathe

what if my entire body is stones and drugs with a sound of silence pieces missing, haywire mercury temperature like a slurp, books in the air. Breaking monotony, scratching my innermost thigh skin and bleeding like the blood of sanguine valley. How many steps do I have to perform? To be lost. to be a… Continue reading Pointless air-i breathe

Empty Spaces

My motif heart breaks like a pool of ugliness, Last night’s love, now a vintage memory how you mock my love, irritates me. i revolve like an Earth, sticking to the mollusc and petunias and i fall. fall like a group of galaxy wild animals biting my skin and I see you nowhere. Nowhere inside… Continue reading Empty Spaces

Mirror of molten eye

Lets cut your molten mirror eye the pain of anguish and beauty. Paper crux. Purgation and names Chalice of age, A timeline. A loophole. Eutrophication of breaths. Missing smiles of Ganges. A longitudinal filth. Memories of a cactus walk. A deluge. You have the eye to smirk bodies floating like ghosts you splinter the seed… Continue reading Mirror of molten eye


fears, apparitions all in the fist of sun drunk like Orange ghost I sip a string of velvet curtain palpable strings of night i take the atmosphere home, Autumn breaking down, in need of denouement a phase of psychosis- what does a star desire? Hope, freedom or a song to sing itself. ®MVS

Sunshine Blogger Award

  I know I generally don’t do awards but this time I made it an exception mainly because I wanted to answer something about myself as I am in the process of Self- discovery. Many thanks to tinarosepoetry for nominating me for the same. RULES: Thank blogger(s) who nominated you in the blog post and link… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award

melting inside your mouth

i do not hallucinate time and your levitating skin bluish words, bluish eyes of Meraki, i count the scars on the nape of your neck infinite scalds of heaven pulling life backwards and forwards. You have an impatient mouth sundial beds of petunia faltering sheets of sunbathed sheets, you prick my lips like a landslide… Continue reading melting inside your mouth


Things return like autumn, with leaves, shades and colours as your mountain essence stick to my collar-bone, in the moments of nights, haze, dawn. One by one, I circle around you, infinite-ball-of-love and soaked in your fingers and memories of the return, this mahogany burns, it burns as a bay leaf in segments and silvery… Continue reading As-You-return

Leakage/ people & us

it is surreptitious how words rain during seasons of pain nectar of firmaments, rising and deluging into loops of despair it’s the process of leakage walking like a cool breeze. Cold, distilled swollen branches humming/ leaking/ inside/ outside/ open your mouth and it’s empty hollows of ankle melting, people leak like a morose sigh a… Continue reading Leakage/ people & us

Things swallow space/time

i am made of paper lines, bisecting and colliding like a scavenger Pieces of fire fill my mouth, my mouth of caves and thunder. unabashedly walking like circles of planes, fixed dots often scamper my periphery, holding the deluge of love holding a river of memories. Everything swallows itself- time / people / deaths /… Continue reading Things swallow space/time


I am nocturnal today, like roses building up on my arms speaking language of Gods. The air is turgescent, dripping lust for words. lust for my beauty. I walk on the arch of windowsills with blue loops of eyes, tingling some sensation. Something unheard before. A voice of metaphors dissolving into my pharynx with lids… Continue reading Breathe.

Scars of dreams

This vintage arm is like a faded memory a corpuscle of streaming hope the greys and the reds a turbid of morbid dreams, Scars slid, dancing, they seem happy. Scars are my baby now forever, inside my hallucinating body of madness. pain is my adamant bowl of Ganges. slipping between fingers of sickle. Moist, melting… Continue reading Scars of dreams


i have a body that whizz like a circus two eulogies of sanguine madholes clifts and wars of a drunk man Loss of vision.Loss of words. repercussions produce hollows as deep as a cactus. My knees producing floating amphibians Almost inhuman. Slid my copious throat you will have two minds again there, savaging my body… Continue reading Uproar