I carry spring & children

Image result for mothers vintage
i have a tongue of colours
with rooms of spaces,
mapping you & me.
A Polaroid stitch of sinking,
like bubbles
erupting in my hollows
of womanhood,
i have an eye like the sky-
drugged, fuller lips
with ashtray of hopes,

I spin in my own body,
toes kissing head
heads going missing-
like a reality fading,
Is it a kind of operation taking place?
Anxious hair fanning my tanned skin,
I carry children & autumn
both sleeping in my dreams,
like you-
you faggot skinned- mammal
and you smirk my Lilly shadows
as always.
as always.

29 thoughts on “I carry spring & children

  1. I am intrigued by your fascination with vintage photographs โ€“ I believe they speak to the kind of writer you are as they always create such beautiful atmosphere (just like you do). So, too, I love the way you spread metaphors throughout poetry, capturing common feelings in the most creative way. I see a lot in your poetry but here, I see a woman longing to bear a child and long nights of filling an ashtray while hoping for one. Just my humble interpretation.

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    1. Your interpretation is appropriate. And it actually makes me happy that you noticed my love for everything vintage, especially the pictures. It speaks to me so well.
      I am so grateful to have your vivid opinions, I feel you know me.

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      1. I am glad to hear that. Yes, I imagine that you feel sometimes like you were meant to be born in another time. I know what you share through your words and sense you write yourself into every piece. Seems I am in love with your poetry and prose, too.

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