A small talk.

Hola, my dear readers!

It has been ages since I have done a pep talk with my soul or anyone about my writings of late. I know a lot of you love my surrealistic poetry, yet since past a few days I am unable to feel the flow as if something is missing. Not a writer’s block, but something anonymous perhaps. It irritates you know. My inspiration is growing into a thick rope of fungus. My mind is stiff.

And, I also wanted to thank all my dear reader’s who have read me in depth like crazy. I might not say it each time, but I genuinely appreciate your time. Also, I might be irregular with my poetry as things are insane inside my mind but hope you will continue reading me. Saying that I still follow my rule of following any blog that interests me. Period. At times, I write on my Instagram account, but managing all these social media is surely not my cup of tea.

I will rather stick to this beautiful community. I am also working on my books yeah I know it is taking time, still I have to do it, besides that my work is scheduled in some of the magazines and that’s all.

Nothing much exciting, I guess!

Love & light~^^


28 thoughts on “A small talk.

  1. Hola! We all travel through these times when fungus covers the minds, slowing the neurons and interrupting the creative flow. Still, we can read and enjoy the work of others as we await the rise of words within, No matter when or what you write, those of us who love your work will be waiting for those words to appear, In the meantime, good luck to getting rid of the fungus 🙂

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  2. MVS, I am a novelist/screenwriter and now blogger. It is difficult to find the balance between blogging and our personal writing (which should take precedence). I hope you can find the right balance, while remaining at your creative peak.

    Even if your posts don’t appear as often, I will still be here to read your inspirational poetry.

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