What ‘it ‘does to me

Let me say this precisely.

I entered in your walls of quietness to flutter, like vapours and fumes

with hushed heartbeats —baked body,

Titanium slipped its coffin like a bell tower

inside my teeth and foot

empty and broken whispers

I entered in the temples, with doughnuts swinging

charcoal breaths coagulating my sanity

insane, insane she is insane

Cracks and mosaic

filters these walls, like a moth biting a moth

and insanity blooms, for the time, is spring

incessant murderous time( If I have time, I will perform disectomy)

Incongruous, incompatible.

I stick to a shadow of curtain,

absorbing its peachy warmth, rotating and curling my lips, my hips

and I rub my palms to enter once again

in your swollen canopy of sanity


60 thoughts on “What ‘it ‘does to me

      1. It’s showing in my feed now as posted a few hours ago.
        But then the comments are from Feb.

        And anyhow, I’m glad to know that you’re doing better.

        Take care. 😊

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  1. If only I could play with words like you do!
    “with hushed heartbeats —baked body,
    Titanium slipped its coffin like a bell tower”
    Beautiful work, my friend.

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  2. This might have melancholy in it but it’s absolutely an amazing oeuvre, just like My Valiant Soul. I love this. Being away from WordPress for somedays and now coming back to your blog did make me realise how I missed your posts.

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