Smokes and kisses

Hundred lipped mouths, wet and poppies
exist in our cities of rains and puddles
Throbbing eyes, milky jolts,
with lush moments of air and air,
Crisp, transparent, the air.
Peeling layers of our shaved skin,
sun-kissed scars and plateaus of the mole.
I smirk and rise like molten frames,
with eyes skinning past memories of lust,
Eulogies swinging, comrades of dandelion.

I knit your lips to my vainglorious body
for the fingers count your aches and twists,
I dilute in your convergence and liquid formation
Hourglass, my silhouette sinking.
You expand your inundate fingers,
they hallucinate my feminity,
with orgasmic temples,
caressing green fields, my stomach
undrapes, silk gowns floating.
aurora candle-lit stars,
my polar body diverged, fluttering
with caskets of thin films
of smokes and kiss.

©MVS- NaPoWriMo

46 thoughts on “Smokes and kisses

  1. Oooh. Romantic and mysterious in turns. Your writing is always such a pleasure to read! Hope you have a fantastic day! 😄 ~Kelsey

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      1. Peehaps not mysterious in the traditional sense of the word…there was just this aura hanging over the piece while I was reading it…hmm, it was a tad shadowy. Maybe I took a look at the picture you chose and emerged myself in that scene and just imagined a fog surrounding it. I’m sorry, that probably didn’t help you at all! 😝

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      1. You don’t need to thanks me dear sis, instead keep writing & smiling.Its all my pleasure to read your profound work.Loads of lights & positive vibes!☺

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  2. This one filled me with the fleeting and silken feeling of being in love.These are my fav lines”my stomach
    undrapes, silk gowns floating.”. Aha, what pictures it paints. Lovely, Devika. Only a person with a heightened sense of emotions can write a poem like this.

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  3. There is little to talk about first stanza..everything was beAutifully penned,but I just wanting talk about last lines” smirk and rise like molten frames” woww…and eyed skinning past memories and eulogies swinging ….loved this while imagery..I can see through your mind now..but I want to talk more about second paragraph because it was best part according to me..the way you expressed the chemistry of love between couples is amazing..” knit your lips to my vainglorious body and fingers count aches and twists” 💓💓💓💓,this is brilliant…I mean like I can see directly the image of women and man soon it..that too in rain..how romantic..can’t even express..it’s Soo good….and next was “melting into convergence and liquid formation,silhouette sinking” when above lines says about external things,this particular lines shown the internal things happening in women ,this is very good way of telling a story..like when someone kisses,you have to tell what happened to body inside..otherwise reader can’t savour that Romance..you did that with ease..”You expand your inundate fingers,
    they hallucinate my feminity,” wowwwwwwr..they hallucinate feminity..mind blowing yaa..I mean a man can’t write like this unless women tells him..even though she tells him..when he is expressing about women it doesn’t feel that honest..as you are women..writing this line says a lot about women’s heart..as I am boy..I enjoyed imagining it,reading it and especially the poetic sense was Amazin..most brilliant line….”with orgasmic temples,
    caressing green fields, my stomach
    undrapes, silk gowns floating.
    aurora candle-lit stars”orgasmic temples..again wow.,..for this ….and finishing was absolutely beautiful because you told how body turns to smoke in that heat when you are romancing in rain with kisses..I can only express my love towards your poems by writing everything I admire..

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    1. You read aech line and then you beautifully decode each single line without even missing on any elemnt. I always address you as my benovent reader who never fails to disappoint and so this time again, I am touched and at awe to read your remark.

      Thank you, kindly!

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  4. Thanks for such sweet comments..actually I read yesterday..but you know that I take time to involve in your poetry and wrote these comments..so it took time..even I also commented on other post..have you read that?????

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