The Patterns and Folds


These lines, mahogany smell

Orchid base— prediction,flavour.

A loose arm of sky swings

inside my bowl of emptiness.

The colours dim and the henna evaporates

It criss crosses my legs and eats up my entire body

A parasite. A swollen body.

I walk in the room and the razor cuts sharpen

Folds and pattern twists the softness

and corrodes the dewiness.

A slice of Death iterates here,

Something still at pause ( no gerund, no punctuation)

I think again

about this life,

I walk again

in the pits of life.

I am a liquid naphthalene ball.

Round and white. Evaporating each day.

thriving from square to square.


55 thoughts on “The Patterns and Folds

  1. Wow, that’s cool. This smells like Mahagony? I mean I am not sure how to describe the smell and your descriptions got me really excited 🙂 WOW…

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yeah darkness suits your poems…your words reflects every black matters of this universe…and that’s beautiful in it’s own way. I bet you can be a prolific lyricist of a death metal band ☺️😁

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  2. Lose arm of sky wings,it criss cross my legs,I am a liquid naphthalene ball,lot of lines,that’s unique as always..but I liked the pic most…anyways as you are enchantress of words…you are always be admired for what you wrote

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  3. I loved the metaphor of comparing our self to naphthalene balls..how we feel sometimes we are losing the essence of life slowly and surely. That part of slow death resonates in your poem very strongly.You have the true touch of noir in your poems, Devika.

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  4. This was truly beautiful. ❤ Creative metaphor of naphthalene balls. You amaze me with your powerful words always. You wear darkness beautifully.

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  5. One of your best on a list that I can’t keep count. But, I think every work you write is your best because it comes from your genuine heart.

    I feel this in the anxiety of things in our lives and how much one can eat or consume us.

    So loving this poem. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. It would be a least said if I would address this poem as awesome,good etc. The symmetry and patterns are vivid and rich. Surely an intense creation. :). Usual love for your work as always.
    Keep it up.

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