Years of Togetherness

He had me for the next few hours like a missing crack from the cloud. A circle of memories sewn in the skin and mouth. We had kissed like cushions melting. Beyond, him my poetry never extended to a third eye. All these years we kept alive each other, lotus defying the existence of swamp.… Continue reading Years of Togetherness

Yellow Hollows

Spitting, patting flower of titanium. lip-locked, verbiage sonogram With shadows of hurricanes dripping blood, moth-like opening. sweet and resolute. Hear the thoughts, dissecting silence like an umbilical cord unfurling, oozing, The tips of bud and bottoms of butt, clinging, parasitic love. parasitic hate both entwined, both subsisting. in your clockwise tongue of spits and spits.… Continue reading Yellow Hollows


Whispers: A tale of my forlorn soul to my fingernails A point of truth occurs on my sordid laps, I had enough of alcohol, enough of pills now Fatigue, disappointment, Dropping ink, Like a spot of timid bee, my back scratches the pain of black paint, spawling I am dwelling outside the cape of unknown… Continue reading Whispers

Last Single Existence

I am silvered and stickered in the blue’s of despair hunting my scalp down to the ankle stain, recidivating, collapsing For the roads are a summer breeze tropical, slapping my coarse breast the humming is repetitive. like insanity clicking Artless. Viscous walks defy my extinction. The roars and shouts, scrapping my last single bit of… Continue reading Last Single Existence

Salt water mixed with air

My squinting eyes evolve and illuminate the seeds and seedlings of us. Germination and hibernation. It’s stillness spinning on my cracking bones and lips. Thunders push forward my footprints, marking sand and sand-dunes of time like a canopy or translucent umbrella of opaque dreams. It’s treacherous. Banal and vixen kisses to tell you. The door-knobs… Continue reading Salt water mixed with air


MVS What intrigues my eye the most is the sweetness and copious jelly myths of the world. A truth about death and beauty. Shapes genesis hoodwinked as orange sunsets, leveraging. I form petty diluted circles of observance hanging outwards from my malice thighs. A point of dissatisfaction. Itching of my eyelids emphasize that.I become a… Continue reading Aphorism

Meera and her Ways.

Meera drinks nectar like an inconspicous child. With a bowl dipped in sugar lime soda. She travels around your iris,swallowing apples. All at once. The windowsill fades aways as she drops her clothes on her mosaic, transparent floor. Refraction delivers prejudice. A moist floor. A lady bird walks in an old fashioned way to sip… Continue reading Meera and her Ways.


i know the formations when i had your face close to my lips. voids went flickering with aerospace dissolved in the hymns of my carrot eyes i tore up the blatant sky that rummage your body and your smell, for i sleep with my eyes dipped in your presence. Soft balls of cotton inside thundering… Continue reading Addiction

How my eyes deliver

I have a strange connection with the explosions of emotion. Almost like blueberries erupting amidst the chaos. Paintings cracking.Mirrors and silhouettes chanting the holy Ramayana and feathers of frolic rivers wrapping my bare skin. My “mudras” define my heavy incantations entwined in red and white prayers. It’s the cascading of dead screams on my blue-lipped… Continue reading How my eyes deliver

How- My- body- Loves- You

Hold me like soft sand and poetry shimmering inside our luminous body. With neutrons clinging. Alphabets dancing. Hold me in the ebb of your turbid arch of bones that wraps my skin against your beard. I see my sagging breasts colliding your face, erupting cocktails and exotic dreams. I hear crickets churning my stomach. I,… Continue reading How- My- body- Loves- You


Fill the cacophonous rhythm of my mirrored-eye with the cosmos and nightlight entwined with grapevine of smiles, A complexion of you, a shadow. The craters enjoy the stratospheric reds, greens, million of boomings. I worship, with visual feathers, burgeon smells, intoxication. The deep smell of my pores pronounce your name, multiplying in the furtive eminence.… Continue reading Chimera

A Madhouse

The sound of water almost uncanny, A plastic bag bloats and floats like a memory of thoughts piled and halved beneath, my sagging skin of skins. The room is a liquid gel with my thoughts arrested, sleek and colourful. Water Ripples my thoughts bifurcate further With tunes of melancholy and cascading mystical languages. It’s supernatural.… Continue reading A Madhouse

Beyond Hope

The night knitted our bodies like lanterns lit with navy-blue aromas, with currents storming with sands under my body of hope, with utopia and songs messed up in my head. You wrapped my raisin skin, performed colourful themes like an Orion singing, poetry dancing. The night stimulated the thunderstorms, with Petrichor, dripping from my tongue… Continue reading Beyond Hope

Observe and Proceed

Observe and stagnate the cuts on my eyelid or the shaking body Pretend that love-making, a part of the moon In the windowsill, in the corners of the ebb Pour your heaviness on my bosom at rest where the hummingbird knit its nest Slice and colour your hands Honey-suckle your moist tongue, clocks kissing clocks… Continue reading Observe and Proceed

As I Pray

Resolute flames of candle burn on my windowsill catching your white still fierce memory laughing in the atmosphere, Tonight, I rebuke the ashes and the time of Thar to halt, a clock eating another clock somewhere If I slit tomatoes with you, you shall give me memories and formations. For you create footsteps and geometry,… Continue reading As I Pray