Loneliness weeps and grows like a fungus

in toes and fingernails, with cascading webs of cryptic silence

It shudders like hurricanes,

a mirrored tattoo of wild breaths,

Yellow you may say—

It clasps inside my knee joint

I am born again, inside the pain of lone nights

with a silent bat hovering my windowsill

and my half lit cigarette, peek a boo.

These are stages of disintegration,

body biting body

skulls digesting mucus.

Thousands of pools of madness

Loneliness is a silent killer.

Iron tongues. Levitating.

Circles residing in the swamps of squares,

Total Madness.


48 thoughts on “Unease

  1. Loneliness,may be it is friend of depression and sadness,sometimes friend of peace and happiness.We don’t know how this comes,sometimes we only go to it and go through it..body eating body,skull digesting mucus as you said..I can relate…it will eat you like fungus..why fungus when it’s dangerous than virus

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      1. in that dark place, perspective changes, and certain things can become clear. yet it is a trial, with pain and anguish to go through. I hope you can see that you are not completely alone, as a lot of us have gone and are going through it as well.

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  2. I hate to be alone & can relate to it completely, there are thosands of things dancing inside your mind with unbearable pain with silence everywhere..thats close to madness and it’s in your words.
    Wonderful as always on wordcraft.
    Have a great weekend ahead☺

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  3. And yet loneliness brings out the best from an artist, no one brings these half lit cigarettes and silent madness to the domain of romanticism like you do.

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