Indian beauty

How many cuts does it take for a tree to heal?
Beneath the dark trunk of the Cedar tree,
memories and lives are buried
Above that same tree, premonitions of death and twitches exist
Symphony along with words is music like soft poppies
dancing in circles on my bulky breasts, (dripping sound of sweat, wax)

Your lie was my favourite perfume,
I wore that inside my body, like branches opening up, one by one
My mouth is full of water and dirt.
You are standing like a white faded star
full of thunderbolts, recumbent beds of black horizon
sticking to my tender green veins,
Between blank spaces and unsaid words, you existed like a stained-cellar
Bruised telephones, crooked chains of hope
Aligned perfectly under your dark skin,
the bites of ant wakes me up from a deep slumber,
Entwined bones crackles like spider’s great piece of architect
This is when I see, end of seasons
end of river flow, end of unseen Unicorns.

Β©My Valiant Soul

Published by

my valiant soul

A dreamer and a believer for the upliftment of women rights. A published poet, author, writer. Believes in dancing and cooking amazing food for hungry souls at times. Loves to write and write till the moon is satisfied. My writings can be found at Visual Verse, Indian Periodical, Sick Lit mag, Duane's Poetree, Thistle magazine, among various others. Curator of Olive Skins.

60 thoughts on “Denouement”

  1. Oh my god…this is wow.This is fantastic ,I loved reading this.You compared all parts of tree with women’s feelings and emotions,and her hope for survival.Especially the line about dancing in circles on my bulky breast..” the heart beats behind breast and the way you compared that sound is awesome. ” Your lie was my favorite perfume” This is fab.She loved it ,and That’s perfume someday turning into kind of slow poison .The most extraordinary part do this poem is You compared the women’s heart with beautiful expression at end of poem,like ” ants waking her up,and architect of spider” This is what happens to tree.TREE IS HOME FOR ALL CREATURES.but the way you took those and comparing with hurt and sadness of her reality is πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ.Loved a lot πŸ’œπŸ’œ

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    1. Must I say your perception has outgrown a lot of weightage over the past couple of weeks which is really praiseworthy and commendable to say.
      You have looked this work with great sincerety and truth. Well done!
      And thank you, always!

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      1. Yeah..The only thing I am doing from past weeks is giving myself more time while reading your poems.I generally read others poems without much effort,I easily can understand.But when it comes to your poem.I have to search dictionary,I have to keep my brain here.I have to read and swallow every line to my heart otherwise I am unable to get you.Previously,I thought of not reading your poems because I really never understood those.That’s why I always asked you doubts about your poems.But now I am taking lot of effort to understand it.And but I am really enjoying the effort.And I really love to imagine your world through your poems.And I really like to write all things about what I feel.Hope you don’t mind reading it,because sometimes they are like no passage of comments.If it’s making you uncomfortable,I will tell in short manner.But I just want to pour out my feelings to you.

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      2. Oh, I understand your words deeply and it’s completely my pleasure that you give so much of time to my work.I really appreciate your efforts and views.

        You will definitely get all the words if you want it truly. Thank you,Kalyan!

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  2. This is beautiful, each line is so delicately woven that it’s impossible to single out any. Loved reading it, the title is equally exquisite and so apt. This deserves an applause that’s not possible in a comment.

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  3. I don’t think I need to tell you how much I love the title since I basically live there. I was actually hoping you join up cause you’re my favourite writer not writing for SD. This magnum opus poem just encapsulates why.

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    1. This is truly overwhelming now!
      I actually am looking forward to joining your beautiful collection as I resonate so well with all the talented writers over there and of course you too.
      Infact, I sent a mail today only regarding this. Hope it gets answered!

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  4. The oxymoron in your opening line is brilliant – cuts usually harm us but in this case, it may release what is eating away within and therefore heal the host. The perfumed lie – that’s how they usually arrive – and their show poisoning, is also a brilliant analogy for what happens when we are deceived. Great writing, Devika, as usual!

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      1. I love your use of figurative language because I love using it, too. And, you write it so well. Aw, you are kind, Devika. I;m just a humble reader!

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  5. I read it more than once and many times to get the notion behind this beautiful imaginary comparing the similarities of our pain with tree.
    Something added to learning phase here.β˜ΊπŸ™

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