I desire the things which will destroy me in the end- Sylvia Plath

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Give me a cauldron, a soaked cotton firmament

multiplied and divided,

in the sunshine of cigars and the owls of dark

Pulverized ropes of hollow imagination, it flatters me.

I want to put my foot in the skull of my brain

and measure the elasticity, the gravity throbbing.

Your smell locks my lips, susurrous allusion

with your diamond dents and abstraction

Kneading your mouth to my skin

my pores to your arms,

loose like vapours dissolving into the colossal violet sky

So, I crave you and your moist   moist     moist     tongue.

A little does not fulfil my throat,

I want the dirt, and the limericks broke and joined

with the sustenance of deluge inside my veins.

The remains and ashes,

the blue-bells,

the clock between my mind and my doings,

insane movements, I want all.

Slick slurps of hatred and love

clinging my iris and legs.

I want all things bad and eccentric.


PS.-Because I am running out of inspiration, I could always find some,  from this amazing evergreen poetess. She is simply astronomical.

My poem on Visual Verse can be read by you all  here.


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my valiant soul

A dreamer and a believer for the upliftment of women rights. A published poet, author, writer. Believes in dancing and cooking amazing food for hungry souls at times. Loves to write and write till the moon is satisfied. My writings can be found at Visual Verse, Indian Periodical, Sick Lit mag, Duane's Poetree, Thistle magazine, among various others. Curator of Olive Skins.

70 thoughts on “Cravings”

  1. This is absofuckinglutely beautiful. Genius!! The dearth of inspiration haunts me still. But may yours continue to brew in that cauldron of yours from which I dip my beak too from time to time. Lots of love and poetry to you, my dear ❤

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    1. “lots of love and poetry to you” this is the most beautiful blessing I could get dear Nandita.
      And I know you will also soak into the beauty of inspiration that your pen craves.
      Thank you a bunch for this appreciation.

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      1. Thanks a lot but you deserve truly . Hey, I would like to tell you something . There is a write India Contest where you can submit your story and be a published writer. Authors will give you prompt nd you have to follow some rules. You can google it nd check . You are awesome , you must try😊👍

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  2. How achingly sensual! Your writing invites me explore darker shades of my personality. “Your smell locks my lips, susurrous allusion
    with your diamond dents and abstraction
    Kneading your mouth to my skin
    my pores to your arms,
    loose like vapours dissolving into the colossal violet sky
    So, I crave you” those are my favorite lines. They drew me in your words bound spell.
    Ps: I love Mad girl’s love song by Sylvia Plath. So much talent.

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      1. Your creative spirit is astonishing. The connection you make between the images you choose to associate always surprise me and broaden the pictures you weave in unexpected ways. Thank you for sharing your words 😘 I hope you have a gorgeous day, beautiful soul!

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      2. I am actually struggling a lot with my creative thoughts of late. It’s line my pen does want to bleed. But because you are an amazing person you see beauty in all my words and I really appreciate that.

        Thank you so much.❤️

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      3. I hear the struggle. I feel it to sometimes. At times more often than not even. Reading other people, discovering authors you didn’t know before may open your eyes to new ways of expression. I will find a few poems from authors I like and share them on my blog later this week. Maybe you will stumble upon things you will like and explore new poetic realms 😉
        Ps: your words are beautiful, no matter what you feel right now, you just need to reconnect with yourself and you will see it too.
        Hugs my talented friend!

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  3. Love this, Devika! I adore Plath as well. My oldest daughter is reading The Bell Jar. I dusted off my copy and am beginning to read it again after many years. It’s a favorite. Not poetry, but I love it also.

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  4. Beautiful as always, again to quote Plath “I felt sorry when I came to the last page. I wanted to crawl in between those black lines of print….” because I didn’t want it to end 😊

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  5. This is magically beautiful, i can only dream of writing such surreal poetries.
    Keep writing, you’re the inspiration for others.Lots of lights & positives to your way🙏😇

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  6. Oh my can you write this excellent everytime😭😭..I can’t even reach you in this sensuous genre.Are you the sensuous poem machine? Like how?? Those lines like ” kneading the mouth to skin” and “measuring the gravity and elasticity with feet” this line is holyhell..😍😍.And the speciality of this poem is when you love someone sip deep And you are sensuous,we like to take both eccentric and good and everything in us to dissolve…this is expressed very beautifully..always your fan🙏🙏

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