Off for some time

I am in that bad phase which apparently the blood moon did. Thanks to her! And so I won’t be posting much neither would I would be punctual in replying all the lovely comments.

My latest poem is here. Just in case!

Much love



      1. I know that,I mean your nakshatra will be affected only if you see that moon.also do you believe in astrology?? Can you see the effects of it in daily life or just avoiding for the sake of your own good

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      2. are super sensitive…so you believe them strongly..have you ever tried astrology and stuff..because they tell the future events,have you experienced this kind of things??


  1. Hey fellow poet, don’t stay away too long plus you’ll be missed. I’ve been there myself but we as poets have to still write and push through even when times are hard. Our words fuel and light the world. Hope you feel better soon and make your return with awesome pieces as you usually do, Peace!!

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      1. You welcome my friend.

        Thank you for reading and taking a journey with my work. Hope you return and write again. I’ve always been a big fan of your work and the way you express yourself. I’m here for you if you need a friend to talk to.

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  2. I don’t have any idea about how the blood moon is affecting people, like affecting their health…or life?! Also I may be the one and only person who didn’t go out to see the blood moon because it felt like it’d bring misfortune. So…
    I hope you go out of whatever is bothering you, and I hope your inner poet get well soon…much love from me❀

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  3. I didn’t know much about blood moon effects but i hope you will soon find out the escape route from this phase.
    Wishes & positive vibes dear sister!

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  4. I have been affected as well. Didn’t associate blood moon with my current state as such, but god knows how it’s been reflected tho. Take care, hope to see you back soon, without your poetry, my daily dose of inspiration is gone!

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      1. Sorry for my delayed response. I think I also had repercussions from the blood moon. Completely lost myself these last week’s! Glad to hear you’re better πŸ’—

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