Point Zero

If i tell you my bones crackle, coarse carbon black

each time i sit and turn

would you slit a piece of the moon and ask her to mollify my pain?

my hands’ quiver and the elbow aches, screams and shouts as i ink my pain

like a heavy layered pile of stones resting on my newborn thigh

bending my earlobe down…down…

too much healing, prayers

chants and oil

i wither and desiccate in the flick of the time,

i am human, i weep and wipe

with a swollen cotton, yellow  glass or a paper

I am hushed and quiet like a falling star

Pain is my new muse, chopping my chin

till i am at point blank.

Published by

my valiant soul

A dreamer and a believer for the upliftment of women rights. A published poet, author, writer. Believes in dancing and cooking amazing food for hungry souls at times. Loves to write and write till the moon is satisfied. My writings can be found at Visual Verse, Indian Periodical, Sick Lit mag, Duane's Poetree, Thistle magazine, among various others. Curator of Olive Skins.

47 thoughts on “Point Zero”

  1. Ugh I’m inlove with your posts. This is too much showcasing of emotions i can feel each words rewinding in my memory. Kudos for another great piece of writing ☺️

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  2. Very well written poem. I can’t even express anything as i am quite speechless after reading this poem. This poem is just fantastic and heart-touching.

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  3. Good god…this is IMMENSE. In total love with it, in all its glorious, bleeding, truthful pain. Stunning.

    “my hands’ quiver and the elbow aches, screams and shouts as i ink my pain

    like a heavy layered pile of stones resting on my newborn thigh..”

    Just…ugh. so good

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  4. I am as in love as ever with your words, Devika 💖 You and poetry are tied knots, you are one, immortalised. And it’s always a pleasure to witness this. Thank you, Devika. I wish you light & love, and anything you need right now. 💖⛅🌻🌹

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