It’s all Unnatural

It’s unnatural how you fall for me every day among the sunsets and pancakes. You caress my elbow, a star falls right upon my sliced forehead. The partitions are yellow, perforated, a sublime concoction of moisture and stories to foretell. The hoop of canticle vortex slides on my plump thigh and you begin to smile.… Continue reading It’s all Unnatural

I am still alive

It wasn’t like I was soaking in a pool of sunsets and sunrises I was alive and breathing, the time you felt my body overlapping my curves, you swore you learned geography like the Polaris meeting the souths of your dark pole I giggled, moved like a lighthouse swamping in potholes and dents of a… Continue reading I am still alive

Malevolent Melody: A collaborative piece by the curators of Blood Into Ink

(Aurora Phoenix) Your Urgency Pierced My Marrow with vanilla milquetoast pleadings you spun a web the envy of Arachne smeared in syrupy cajolery – I supped on hand-dipped flattery your urgency pierced my marrow with flim flam (Kindra) Dilly Dalliance Bound Me Lavender dipped indulgent tongue dripped incantations, salacious songs— your abuse was tender dilly… Continue reading Malevolent Melody: A collaborative piece by the curators of Blood Into Ink


Loneliness weeps and grows like a fungus in toes and fingernails, with cascading webs of cryptic silence It shudders like hurricanes, a mirrored tattoo of wild breaths, Yellow you may say— It clasps inside my knee joint I am born again, inside the pain of lone nights with a silent bat hovering my windowsill and… Continue reading Unease


In a circle full of moisture and baked apple pie’s, I crave and hold the periphery of Words like a sullen extension of truth. A point of solitude. I rub my skin to find the unsaid, undiscovered words, I rub my iris, my white thighs like a fiction produced by swallowing catharsis. Discover. Run. Run… Continue reading Words

Eulogy to Poetry

Sugar granules on my eyelids define the numb, static voice beneath the waves of poetry, absolute darkness. The times flutter on asymmetrical length hypnotical lifeless mellow tunes. Words break, poetry aborts A mother takes a life of her son. It’s sharp. Black. As I think, a tree detaches a leaf As I swirl, a star… Continue reading Eulogy to Poetry


How many cuts does it take for a tree to heal? Beneath the dark trunk of the Cedar tree, memories and lives are buried Above that same tree, premonitions of death and twitches exist Symphony along with words is music like soft poppies dancing in circles on my bulky breasts, (dripping sound of sweat, wax)… Continue reading Denouement

Leftover Nights(A collaboration)

It gives me immense pleasure in finally collaborating with Poems in Coffer girl Chhaya. She is a lovely soul and so is her scintillating writings. Italics- Chhaya   A room full of rancid leftover night is a reminder of repugnant voids that conform to the oddities of a desolate decaying mind I hear my mind… Continue reading Leftover Nights(A collaboration)


I desire the things which will destroy me in the end- Sylvia Plath Give me a cauldron, a soaked cotton firmament multiplied and divided, in the sunshine of cigars and the owls of dark Pulverized ropes of hollow imagination, it flatters me. I want to put my foot in the skull of my brain and measure the… Continue reading Cravings

Journey so far

A year and a half now on this beautiful platform which gave me an opportunity of sharing my writings and reading some brilliant work too. I want to take a moment and say how grateful I am to all the lovely people here who never fail to encourage and support me. A lot happened during… Continue reading Journey so far


Alcohol on my newly-born skin, Do you see the patterns and the checks, the spotted wings? I lick this ferocious almond scales on my skin, counting the pores And I measure the breadth and length, obtaining details of details. The oak tree knows the dents and paints in the surreal landscape, where people romance The… Continue reading Evolution

A sweet puddle

A thin orange layered smoke of love strangles me speaking your hands of love, the arteries of amorous light. Perspiration, Condensation It shakes my head and puffs my hands like a soft blow, a pigeon of my dream. Dropping ink red kisses, purple waves hushing me with blue’s of my words and a strange noise,… Continue reading A sweet puddle


Tonight, I shall smirk and produce cactus in my bones. Reverberating your conjured beds exhausted me. Tonight I shall not be a bean of pelican feathers, a china crockery. With the burial of your carbon mouth, I burn till the sky thumps. And then you shall explode the way I did. Your clandestine face is… Continue reading Denial

Physical Existence- Devika Mathur

Originally posted on Whisper and the Roar:
Dyslexia, into my thin membrane to hear your wounding tales Pervicacious drops of blood stick to my venom I hear wars, tremors, haze into the folds of my skin, like palpable beggar’s eye. My white bed-sheet mark my body with cuts, acidic tears Proliferating porous permanent scars Hush,…


And the clock strikes 3 a.m still awake and crackling pain does that to your mind and lips it detaches a swirl of orange lust fixating it to prayers and oxygen. I become breathless, hard as a tomb of a wolf how blessed are the souls who breathe effortlessly The pale air climbs my feet… Continue reading Despair