Spotting and Observing

If I saw a woman like this I'd say love yourself, respect yourself & remember you're a gift. image on imgfave

Today was one such day when I took my seizure pills and went to sleep

in the darkest of crisp floors of dreams and nightmares

with my cigarettes still burning, mouth full of water

In the turbid walks of women’s lane,

a niche of mirrored talks happened

with a soul crooked and cracked

Vinegar lips kissing Dracula fingernails and hope of stained floors

I feel stitches in my stomach, spewing out disgust arrays of unheard bone cracks,

It happened beneath the yellow door of my cauldron of thoughts and anger,

I was partially a dreamcatcher and partially a sleepwalker

Silence of Aurora fills my thin bone marrow

And tells me another tale of liquid voices, tales and dreams.

I gasp. Observe. Run and sleep and dream in circulation.


Published by

my valiant soul

A dreamer and a believer for the upliftment of women rights. A published poet, author, writer. Believes in dancing and cooking amazing food for hungry souls at times. Loves to write and write till the moon is satisfied. My writings can be found at Visual Verse, Indian Periodical, Sick Lit mag, Duane's Poetree, Thistle magazine, among various others. Curator of Olive Skins.

59 thoughts on “Spotting and Observing”

      1. The vicious cycle of dreams can be overwhelming. I can relate to it, it’s more of things we ought to do, the things we do and the things that happen to us. Somewhere in between, the dreams have this annoying dreary way of extending it’s clutches like roots of a plant deep into the soil like malignancy. It’s a dark feeling that we remember due to the adrenaline rush that accompanies while we sleep on the outside but only to mask the living hell on the inside. I don’t know why I’d so much to say, I’m sorry for being so descriptive.

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      2. That’s a great analogy and interpretation. Your thoughts are deep and make a lot of sense as I resonate with them.
        Thanks for sharing your lovely views Shambhavi. So much love.


  1. Each word sticks to my memory like a broken heart. You wrote this in such a dreamy bold way. I love your thoughts and imagination expressed in this masterpiece. Well done!

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    1. Hi Apple( if that’s your name, it is Lovely).
      I am really thankful and blessed to have genuine readers like you who connect to my words with utter depth and provoking thoughts.

      Thank you for such a lovely gesture. I really appreciate it. Would be looking forward to your writings!
      Much love.

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  2. Wow….a poem full of pandemonium! Some kind of disorder that I absolutely loved and I read it atleast 3 times….I’ll read it again I think….loved it!❀

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  3. The difference between writers like me and you is that..when we want to tell about dreams,we just go little deep And tell the analogies and comparisons and all,but you will hold reader hand And take us through dark room of dreams,AMD open the door and make us feel what’s happening behind the walls of draness,the cauldron,dracula,hope on the floors ,spewing, create your own world in the darkness..and once you show your world..we will be mesmerized with your architecture of words

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    1. May I take a moment here to inform you that all the writers are unique in their own style. Some are great in expressing a single thought with hundreds of imagery while the others give goosebumps with their thoughts only. So much of writing and so much to read and learn.
      So I would say you are special in your own way unlike others. We all are learners here.

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      1. Wow Devika! I’m honoured. The feeling is definitely mutual! πŸ™‚
        (And I am curious about your seizure meds, my sister takes them too, she has for years and she finally is taking the right dosage etc. to control them. It has been a long, hard journey. I hope yours are controlled?)

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      2. I have been taking my seizure meds since I remember, too many CT scans and too many meds often drove me crazy also but now things are under control. I take only a few of them which is really awesome and I would say this to your sis, please always choose the correct doctor with the correct meds.

        Hope she is in the pink of health now.
        So much love to her and you.

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      3. I am so glad to hear that!!
        Yes, there were times she felt crazy too. She has been through a lot. She has even had part of her brain removed, years ago.
        But then she had a change of doctor and it made all the difference, as you know. She is healthy now, thank you! ❀

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      4. It truly was a nightmare at the time. And she does have anxiety issues after everything she has been through. But physically, she is fine now, it’s is quite amazing.
        I am so glad you are both fine now! And you are blessing the world with your talent. Hugs back!

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  4. That feels like my brain last night. Restless trying to sleep fitfully after actually taking my seizure meds and having odd dreams of dragonflies and weird men.
    Super cool poem. Loved it!

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  5. Your poem brings me to the feeling of the light sleep where we keep oscillating between the dream and reality. The dream part of it has a very dark shade to it. Liked it. Your poetry creeps up like a vine on my mind.

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  6. This is amazing, i feel like having a dark dream wherein looking for lost escape routes.The words & presentation are just as realities.
    Keep writing!πŸ‘

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