And then you shall die.

Embedded in the swamps of paroxysm
where I see no constant paths or pavements
chipped walls, chipped florals, chipped winter
cascading all through my pale face
in delusions, in fallacies

I cracked the seeds of opulent hypocrisy of yours once
I shall do it again,
and again,
and again and again.
Till you split like apples and dice into cubes
with a naked foot of mine
I shall pierce you,
thawing your fingernails and burying
them into a grave
empty and swollen.

And then, you shall die. (claps, claps)

P.S- I know its all-new year thing going on everywhere but for me, a new year and new day is always when I am happy. Pardon my dark write-ups or even better deal with it! Who cares, after all!


60 thoughts on “And then you shall die.

  1. Dark is ok. I write dark too sometimes. What’s New Tear antway? Nothing really. Only a moment in time. Life doesn’t change. I like this

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    1. So true oh God I feel so happy to be reading your words.
      Actually, there is nothing fancy about it. Fancy is only when our work changes a thing and creates something for the betterment of ourselves and others!!
      Much love to you.😊

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  2. I haven’t been posting lately either for the same reason. It’s just another day for me. I don’t do the resolutions and all that. I figured I’d just wait it out, lol. But thanks for the post. It was just what I needed to read today.

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  3. It sounds like a burial ceremony!…
    May be dark… but I find it beautiful to read!

    I hope tis a happy day for you and I wish you a very happy new year today and for all the days to come… 🙂

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  4. Soooo dark..but may be that’s the place where you find beauty.Really enjoyed it one of my favorite line is ” cracking the seeds of opulent hypocrisy…very beautiful..and in second paragraph at the end you mentioned how you revealed him with thawing fingers ,and how well you wrote..always awed

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  5. Chipping all the kings men saw
    identity drunk again
    johnny apple seed would have been proud
    we shall visit the crunch
    with rapiers
    not sheathed
    for where i fall
    o’ knees
    shall crash as mortar shells
    eyes rolling as death

    awesome inspiring write My Valiant Soul
    i Love the style you brought to this

    well penned.

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  6. You are powerful with your pen. This is indeed fierce. 🙂 No matter if your new year is dark and unhappy I will pray that with this year coming to an end you will smile. 🙂

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