In Corners


Disintegrating into tiny molecules
Apodictic stack of liquidized oxygen,
I watch the flame of burning candle,
Watching myself tremble and shake
With its every movement, counting the segments
Of my heart

Palliating toothpick sticks to my deep slumber,
Waking me up to sustenance,
Waking me up to these painted walls.
I am made of church bells, with each strike
I am conscious, murmuring to the chords and veins,

having the atmosphere in my mouth
Outer horizons of Cerebrum are perhaps a mystery yet,
I struggle each day to listen to the whistles and puzzles
Rupturing beneath this thin membrane,
Floating still in congruence with anxiety.

©My Valiant Soul


  1. I sometimes feel that I will become science master after reading your scientific vocabulary. Anyway As usual I loved your imagination.It’s about war in ourselves.The feelings,depression,thoughts we go through. The last line of first paragraph was wow..because I felt like even candle can also have life ” counting every segment of your heart and watching you tremble”.Palliating tooth picks… this is what we feel like when we are in sorrow,we just know the pain but still we can’t see it.And last line was you always say “you can think whatever you want depending on your perception” Church bells striking each time to make you consciousness,may those church bells can be anything which will remain you always that you have life. Yes ,outer part of cerebrum are mystery yet,if we have cracked it,them what’s the kind in human life.floating in congruence with anxiety…this is nice line.In a most poetic way you told that there is anxiety.

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    1. On poetic ways only we spill the bean. What would be poetry if we are able to express everything verbally?
      Anyway, science. Maths. Chem you would learn everything in that case. But I am thankful to you for giving it an insightful thought for I know it must have intrigued you to a new level. But I really appreciate your efforts.
      Have a nice day ahead, kalyan!/p>

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      1. Why there is ?! At end of kalyan😆.And yeah,you intrigued my imagination,actually I thought that reader can’t get those scientific terms always.Because all are not soo sound in scientific terms.But when you use in poems,There should be another side of actual definition of that term.So I have to go through dictionary to find other meaning I must say it’s like treasure hunt.But it’s really fun

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  2. In the corners of oneself…Such a beautiful introspective look inside the poet. I love the opening line and that last stanza. This is poetry that can be felt as well as read.

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