Vintage Love


“Perhaps when you will leave, you will take something of mine: chestnuts, roses or a surety of roots or boats that I wanted with you, comrade”— Pablo Neruda

I doubt the incubation of turgescent moment
where my hands might be swollen
and your tongue all opaque,
I do not wish a lush firmament
or kisses of holy verses,
For I crave is the skin and pores
and countless breaths you take
like torrential piquant roses and wine
You rotate into my feverish mollusc body
Like an Equinox, you conquer my susceptible shadow
Walnuts cracking piece by piece,
the susurration sound to be heard
mapping your virile chest and hands
Too many secrets of love to be unveiled tonight
like letters, vintage photographs, Pure breaths.
I crack bit by bit into your wonderous mouth
Detonating into million and million pieces of delicate memory,
And each time, you hear me.

©My Valiant Soul

62 thoughts on “Vintage Love

  1. I think that the most fascinating thing for me about your blog, apart your incredible capacity of mastering words to capture the essence of feelings, is precisely this indefinite touch of the classic, stylish past that you make relive…

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      1. It’s also my strong belief… nothing makes me happier than a fine chocolate (with a flute of champagne… let’s be crazy … it’s Christmas..!) and a good old Cary Grant movie…
        Cheers to the great old days!!
        Me too !! 🌹🌹🌹🤗

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  2. Oh my gosh..😭.How can you write that wonderfully.My favorite line is ” I crave for the skin and countless breath you take,”this is so sensuous.And you used lot of vocabulary.The interesting thing about your poems are you make me travel through the poem with imagination,but in between journey you throw some interesting words,And knowing that too also gives pleasure.And after that again I read the line,them again I feel wonderful about your poetic talent.

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