A Gibson Girl and her man! 1900's fashion
image courtesy-Pinterest


My porcelain skin utters an unaccustomed Sirimiri

Into the void of this Orphic orange sky

Where I extend my arms, my legs to hold your strawberry breaths

Of your genial presence,

I splinter into rays of sunshine and form a circle of shadows

A piece of apple pie hidden in my quenching throat

Where the pharynx screeches my oesophagus

Only to be a dissent of summer grass into your

quixotic proliferating winter chills.

ยฎMy Valiant Soul


45 thoughts on “Kindled

  1. The opening image of skin uttering drizzle…wow, that is so descriptive and I love the analogy you cling to, from title to end. Even more, I really admire how you use the circle of shadows, as if protecting what is inside.Sometimes in life, we meet people or we find ourselves in situations where our previous opinions and thoughts are challenged. Change can be very good, my friend! Great poetry!!!!

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      1. Itโ€™s a beautiful word and it really stood out. You are the only one I read whose use of vocabulary and imagery makes me go into this deep place, looking for connections. I am just a fan of your poetry, Devika, but I think you know that already ๐Ÿ™‚ You are always welcome!!

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  2. Wow!!! I m I still in this world…had travelled to some other world In just a few seconds. Your a goddess of mind blowing thoughts and words. Your poems always moves me into another dimension.

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