Shades of emotion-the black-the red-the grey

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The Black

Hoops of the anxious soul are hanging in the most voracious way.I hear thunder, rustling silence.This is my first phase, anger.

The intimidating red eyes. The eyes of satan, they say. The faded shades of grey, charcoal, as my wrist remain crossed.

I put my wrist on top of my forehead.The sagging forehead.

The conundrum geography exists right here, sharply ecstatic.

Hot wax, profound depth, a lingering cold wave.

A dark, gruesome heart.

A ghost- like canopy of thoughts.

The Red.

This is a melancholic phase.

A lugubrious red sorrow shining on my pinky finger, the tales of the darkly skinned elbow.

the bends on my skin, my crooked skin.

the way sky forms uneven patterns,

leaving us bewildered of the richness, the great creations.

All I see is complexities, the bars of a collision, gateway of numbness.

A stoppage.

The vague dreams.

Now the heart is crooked.

The Grey.

A wave of cornered soul resists like the last droplets of rain.

Tiring yellow pages, not desiring to be read further.

Monotonous paths, monotonous tones, monotonous human.

I kiss my pain in a breezing way, hugging my own doleful pits.

the screams forms chains of comfort, the sky is indicating a pattern,

the crookedness is recovering into a deeper hole

name it comfort?Name it a bliss. Oh!Don’t name it.

As it’s still Β a vivid hole, murky,

dark, distilled in my conscious, collided with my mindset,

it’s grey here, my palm is feverish

my eyelids are the coherence of deeper shades of grey

this is the phase,

this is the ultimate revival, mystical.


48 thoughts on “Shades of emotion-the black-the red-the grey

  1. I am reminded of Dante’s Inferno, his journey into hell. The emotion is raging here and I love the imagery, dark and hot, as your levels of emotions unfold. I think most of us writers struggle with not wanting our poetry read sometimes. I love how you so cleverly placed this in those lines, ‘Tiring yellow pages, not desiring to be read further./Monotonous paths, monotonous tones, monotonous human.:”.We all have our infernos and yours is so brilliantly displayed. I love this!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I am so sorry as I missed this beautiful comment to read.

      I always like to do experiments with a world still unknown, emotions unknown and you know that well.
      So happy to see your words adorning my work yet again.
      Thankyou so much Alex!
      You are flawless.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s okay. Devika. These thins happen when we get busy.
        You are welcome, always, for my words. I can’t help that I am in love with your poetry. You write the kind of poetry that makes me think and I admire that a lot. And you, you are so kind to me. Thank you!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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