Paper Pens and Pills/Devika Mathur

So happy to see my work among the fine writers!
Thank you Christine.

Whisper and the Roar

DavikaForget me not in the sacrosanct lie of your humour
You emerged from this naked soil and swallowed me in your spotted stomach,
there I married the curved paper, a velvet pink heart to spill the wounds
And then I saw the pills, the sturdy roses seeping from the pills you took,
a migraine, hallucinations, heartbreaks, I have written all
I have conjured your eyes in the dead sky,
And then I have seen sparkles and cries wrapped in your divine pubis
Warmth of the ice and icicles formed on your purple pupil
suffocates a pregnant lady on the road.
I am your muse, my dear
The abhorrence here detonate you,
mould you into a spider’s web.
Frost of sick tear-like volcanic eruption sticks to your toenail
I write it…I swallow and swallow
until you pour alcoholic cotton on your fiery tongue.
This time is a meteor in your sand-like…

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