Skins Of Skins

Image result for lust art
image credits- Gottfried Berlin

Latitude of your strawberry eye in congruence with my winter skin
where a pool of weeds evaporate sinking into the outlandish touch,
A loop of anomalous cogent thread arise in the windowpane of your heart,
I see the Earth, the moon and my teeth cracking your Universe,
For I reside in your skins of skins.
Quixotic eyes that spill the poetic halcyon of star-dust,
like the friction of two naked bodies romancing on the naked moon,
I see you evolving, a robust wild bittersweet flower,
I see your palpable heart, and my lips breathing Skins of Skins.

Β©My Valiant Soul


  1. Stunning imagery. I love the juxtaposition between winter and summer in the winter skin and strawberry eye… that is pure brilliance.There is such a depth of anticipation in this piece it makes the reader’s breath quicken. The longing for summer kisses on winter skin is palpable, too. I love everything about this piece, Devika. Truly, stunning poetry!!! I’ve missed reading your words. Hope all is well!!

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  2. Very nice job β€œskins of skins” of tying a common thread through the narrative of your work. One can sense the windowpane of your own heart is open and the birds are perched there singing in this piece. And this makes me happy for you Devika.
    It sounds like you have stepped beyond uncertainty.
    when your life is in uncertainty…
    it is precisely at such a moment that you realize
    just how alone you are in the universe
    you can feel your soul crack from the loneliness
    and the only thing that even gives you hope of surviving
    is sharing that uncertainty with someone you love
    Have a nice evening Star Diamond

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    1. Your interpretations are marvellous.
      I myself am uncertain of my zone.
      And “soul cracking from the universe” is a lovely imagery!

      I am pretty comfortable perching on goodness perhaps!
      Thankyou Forrest for leaving your wonderful words.

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      1. Welcome Devika!
        I am doing good just busy with professional commitments however your work remains unmatchable & love reading it.
        Keep writing & stay blessed!

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