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This orange leaf splinters further,

reflecting your beautiful naked skin to me.

In the pool of stars, I feel the icicles of chills

Spreading onto your neck, spreading onto your lips.

I count breaths between your lips and my moist temple-like mouth

Engulfing charisma of your liquid veins, I stand still to weave a knot of adoration,

from the stars of your Lilly- thighs to my oblivion body.

Β©My Valiant Soul


      1. Orange indicates” autumn” that can be seen as change of emotion. Splinters indicate the dedication which is deeply rooted that if you tear apart a leaf you might see my orange love.
        It’s all about the imagery!
        Should I open classes to explain my verses?


  1. Oh, Devika! This is such a beautiful piece of poetry. I love, love, love how you have taken autumn’s undressing to help describe the nakedness between two who share love and adoration. The opening image is one of the most beautiful I’ve read. The splitting of that orange leaf to reflect and expose the naked branch is such a gorgeous one. There is such vulnerability demonstrated in this line and such a vision. The cold and crisp icicles in that gorgeous pool of stars is breath taking. There is something magical and refreshing in frost when stars twinkle most. I love how you compare your lips to a temple – the temple pulsates and I can see your lips puckering and pulsating like that temple, along that neck. At the same time, I imagine that frost spreads across the naked tree, the same way, touching every part with beautiful fingers of icicles. Here I see goosebumps forming when skin is being kissed. The utter romance and adoration in those closing lines makes one hold his breath. Never have I read a more beautiful description of togetherness. Your poetry always answers the promise in your titles and you always use the most delicate and unique images to capture human emotion through your understanding of the natural elements. Who could not get lost in your pool of stars for each work you write twinkles. This is beyond beautiful I love it!!!!!!!

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    1. This is a shout out to all my readers to please check out this brilliant writer’s explaination about my work.
      My word plays somehow seems confusing to people and I am sure this comment can clear out every minute detail.

      Alex, thank you for this generous comment for you get it like no one else does. And that saves me often from various mixed feedbacks lol.
      You always unveil my each line and syllable which I sincerely appreciate and you understand my poetry.

      I am so thankful to you for the deep insight given by you!
      You have seen my this romantic piece in the best way possible and I hope I can make you feel the same in my upcoming write-ups!

      Peace out!

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      1. Awww, you are simply the best, Devika. All I ever do is read you closely and pay attention your your lines, your comparisons and your word choice. Poetry has to be read in parts and as a whole. I feel connected to your words and believe that great poetry should be devoured and slowly digested. I find that many readers have trouble understanding figurative language and the use of symbolism.

        I am blessed to read such beautiful poetry. I am blessed that I get to spend time with your words where I get to know you better. Your poetry stands alone and is unique. I love it so very much and I’ve said this before, but I have such great admiration of the poet behind the words. All I ever do is pay attention to what you say.

        And remember, you write for you. You write to tell the stories your heart and soul wish you to tell. Writing is your gift and you need never worry about who doesn’t get it. Some of us have the poet’s soul, the poet’s heart and the poet’s mind. We see things differently and we have depths of understanding that not everyone has.

        I love all your pieces, romantic or dark. They are glimpses into your inner world and reflect how you see the world around you. Your words describe how you fit into it all.

        Thank you, so much for letting me read you. Thank you for all the wonderful things you say but I simply LOVE your poetry. And, I really admire the virility of your pen and the passion you weave in every syllable.

        With deep love and admiration I wish you a beautiful remainder of the day. May your heart be always filled with poetry and your pen always filled with ink.

        Blessings and peace, dear, dear, poet!!!

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      2. This is my honour that you can connect to my work and can take out beautiful memories out of it.
        It really thrills me to know your love for my work and that is all motivating and supporting words.
        I can never thank you more for reading my work with utter dedication and happiness.
        I wish you all the success!
        Always a pleasure to hear from you.πŸ™

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  2. Sensual… beautiful… imagery ignites! You are truly amazing with words… as always… I love reading…and yes… Alex does a brilliant explanation always… like clip notes to your poetry πŸ™‚ though there is always that raw emotion in your words that easily connects readers to the ‘beyond-the-surface’ meanings… like finding hidden treasure… do love😘❀❀

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    1. Aww Kim!
      You do know that you are dear to me for you always love my words and read it religiously.
      I agree with what you saod in context with Alex, still I really appreciate your own derivations of my work.
      They often make me think deeper!
      Love to you.:)

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