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The way it is.


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A box of hidden muse resides in my heart. I try to hear the amorphous murmur the times I am cold in my warm blanket. The smoke and ashes brew a pool of blurry images, my past tales that plunge deep into my veins, unable I am to move. Numb my thighs remain, numb my eyes remain.

My room walls have gone pale, shooting bullets in my mouth, it hurts.

The conundrum scissors mock my caricature, forming turbulence on my ceilings, in my ceilings. Nothing erupts out but the insipid cold droplets of heartaches, drop by drop it falls on my fingernails, burning like ice, cold as ice, that is how numb I float in the horizon of duplex walls.

Like my chin resting on that eccentric needle, swords fighting producing my legs and arms, now they remain silent and here is the time, when the incumbent work is at a halt.

So I wither and wither.



83 thoughts on “The way it is.

  1. I love that third paragraph. The description is vivid and stark. I also love how you are able to create restlessness within the reader. Nicely done, MVS!

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      1. It’s a pleasure to read your work, MVS, and your work always stirs the analytical juices within. You know I love your writing and you are always welcome to my thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Poetry has many facets, there is so much variety and meanings that we play with.
      Here in the first phrase I used it to show the depth of negative word imagery for ice does not burn and if it does it goes in opposition to the law of nature.
      Hope you get it now!
      It’s Devika this side.

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      1. Devika. You are making me feel depth of your poetry..now I want to ask explanation to everything..because I read many peoples poetry..but yours is little difficult to understand sometimes..I sometimes feel that I am not matured writer whenever I read your poetry. I have to learn a lot..I always say this to you right

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      2. My inspiration is Pablo Neruda. If you ever read his work you may understand my writing style perhaps.
        Every writer is versatile in his own way and unique sense of imagination.
        Perhaps you like mine or even if you don’t you are always welcome to savour my words accordingly.
        And yes, I know what you mean about my work…it needs digging and a mindset with dark doors often.
        You yourself are a unique writer!

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      3. Everyone is unique,I know it..but sometimes even though I get deep imagination and deep feelings.my vocabulary is not sufficient to express my feelings..I like all writers styles..and the uniqueness of your poetry is ,you play with words..but they have depth and you write in very peculiar way..sometimes they mean something at surface level but it has lot of meaning when you think. But sometimes I am unable to understand sometimes..like in previous poetry in one line you expressed about TORTOISE EYE..remember??? I didn’t understand that line

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      4. yes often dark but not always, I havent read Neruda but your portrayal of the dark is ever so beautiful that one forgets its the morbid being described.

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      5. Sorry for butting in, but as someone who spends much time around ice, I can tell you, it does burn when it touches the skin long enough, heating the flesh like a flame. The use of it here in your beautiful imagery it perfect for the ice forming inside can burn the heart as well. I came to make sure I had read and commented and I see I already have but I was moved to comment on this point. Please forgive my intrusion,

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      6. You are welcome, Devika. I know I’ve told you this, but I love your poetry because it has layers of depth that touch me at my core. I read you like like an explorer scours a tomb of hidden treasure and history, hoping I miss nothing. You are a brilliant poet and I am humbled to be able to read your words.

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  2. I love the depth of this poem, I had to think about it for a minute. Which is a great thing, to have the talent to make people think about what you are saying. It’s powerful, your words are powerful and beautiful.

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  3. If I may comment on the gentlemanโ€™s reflection on your style.
    There are many ways to communicate through words and emotional nuance. Sometimes the direct path is most effective. Sometimes it is leading someone down a path of discovery. In such cases the more the reader has invested in the process of discovery the stronger is their feeling of connection when they reach the final destination.
    Have a nice day fire diamond.

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    1. That is true, the more we read, the more we know the poet and his work.
      I appreciate you dropping by and giving your feedback on our conversation.
      Hope people get this, Forrest!
      Have a nice day!


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