Blue Light


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Turquoise skin flowing beneath the
reflection of the concave mirror,
speaking the language of  mammoth desires,
forming marks on the human soul.
The surreptitious lustre blithe the chilly touch
corroding the sides and there I stand
inhaling the crisp blue air,
decoding, unfolding life’s intense
burrows, choking into blue whispers,
I slap my tongue, tapping, brushing.
Pushing my parched mouth to vomit
black ashes and colliding into
this blue velvet dress,
that soaks the vapid apprehensions,
nurturing it to be a cherry-tree
masked as the new light, a feathers’ delight.


36 thoughts on “Blue Light

  1. snow falls
    as silently as sleep
    pressed snowflakes
    icicle flowers
    between the wind and windowpane
    melt their way to sill
    polished chrome darkness shivers
    ankle deep in frost
    night’s breath spills
    along the frozen glass
    its silver shadow rolls
    and condenses with the dawn
    night’s epitaph
    written in blue mercury
    trickles down one’s windowpane
    in the light of a new day

    sounds like you’re starting a new day Devika
    congratulations to your success
    in the adventure of life



    1. Your word imagery is so on point. How beautifully you have crafted the breezy moments with your strong words.
      I am always awe-struck with your writings as I cherish each word you write.
      This was amazing Forrest, thank you for being so polite with your messages and feedback.

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  2. hey! perfectly sounding and words are being used perfectly glad to read your writings…. nd if you could spare a minute have a look at my new budding blog too

    Liked by 1 person

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