This syndrome I carry, Seraphic, a butterfly in cocoon churlish eyesight, colliding with your wounds. I will sew your pain Believe me, for I am the traveller of scars, I will kiss your moonlit tears and the paths it travelled, I am an archaic smell of vintage champagne. I shall regenerate always, I… Continue reading Together

A Parasite.

  In the alcoholic eyes of mine, I choked on your divine name knitting dreams of your dreary arms I kissed my own grave. Sordid, papable walks confine me now Cold hemisphere, stifle my pharynx. What more I desire from the bleeding roses of lost hope? I am back in my own dirt now. Clustered… Continue reading A Parasite.


      The protrusion of sultry roads chokes my unborn laughter. my teeth dropping off the tiniest molecule of red wires sharp, electric, bizarre. I doubt your tongue, human! For chills are deceptive often. Summons of thunder on my pale lips now your sturdy words, collide, oh human! Your tricks are electric. Your tricks… Continue reading Electric


  Twilights of reverie Mystic crestfallen nights Warmth of endearing moon Seduction of cool breeze the penumbra of your surreal skin, I have everything all, in this infinite moment.   P.S- MY POEM “WHITE SLUMBER” ON SPILLWORDS CAN BE CHECKED HERE ©My Valiant Soul  


      Pellucid petals of lust, I, lean over to smell the paper, Where I lament my dead hopes burning ferociously. My pen is pervicacious inclined to savour the smoke ignited. The words are my soul, Insatiable I am dipped in its white corona. Cathartic particles of serenity forms as I write my love,… Continue reading Paper-Cuts

Other Way

 Carry my heart to the other side where the scent of petunias swirl on my cheekbones, something divine, something spiritual Sparkling diamonds inside my smile, clinging to my feet, the waters are sublime. Into that wild path, my destination awaits where fresh rock-dust picks up the moonlight forming a ball of yellow delight. Splash, splash,… Continue reading Other Way

Pink Earth

Dewdrops like sacred groves twirling on my parched lips, with lavender Twinings inside pouring muddle Serenity echo on the surface of once crooked window, the brutality is hidden lost, in the delights of frozen warm apple-pie. A loop of twinkle fields decorate the darkened corners of my throat, my white leg like a partner in… Continue reading Pink Earth

Coltish Home

    My wax finger slithers across your extolling caricature In the Elan black eyes you carry, sun-baked secrets. Like the winter chills and pepper on thighs cascading in the solitaire eyes of the mountain, I see your lips Your smooth, divine lips uttering the catastrophic formulation Like obeisance of your footsteps in the haze of… Continue reading Coltish Home

Blue Light

    Turquoise skin flowing beneath the reflection of the concave mirror, speaking the language of  mammoth desires, forming marks on the human soul. The surreptitious lustre blithe the chilly touch corroding the sides and there I stand inhaling the crisp blue air, decoding, unfolding life’s intense burrows, choking into blue whispers, I slap my… Continue reading Blue Light


I see you hanging from the roots of the mighty moon that join the oblivion distance between our naked space. This space is Point Blank. Your screams scratch your inner linings of delicate skin, producing an hour of a shooting star. A river of pervasive murmurs. I walk along, to slurp the pain, the gain,… Continue reading Corona


The hypnotizing air around And concoction of our wet breaths This is where my sweet paradise is, My soothing divine land. Lost in the woods, dreadful sins are gone. I bit your skin like unveiling that hidden magic, I see more of you… I see more of me… Oh, your enchanting glory Cascading on my… Continue reading Paradise


    I felt the apocalypse, For I am the one under the blanket of disgrace Vapours of sullen emotions clamouring the disgust chaos, I knitted their faces, from core to core till I knew the point blank. The whole world, dreaming the dead leaves an intoxication of swollen wisdom, For time establishes time. Reality… Continue reading Apocalypse

That September

“I crave your mouth, your voice, your hair”— Pablo Neruda In the sleepless nights of thunder and laughter, I craved the shape of your mouth, where the butterflies built a rainbow soaking in the solemn orange skies. Tranquility glitters as my reflection and my anklets clamour my tears. Oh, the moon weeps, upon the last… Continue reading That September


  In the memory of your conundrum body, I carve my outline onto your colossal caricature, The dreamy eyes, my paradise of lust I see my thighs dipping in your skin, biting the tiniest part, tearing the flesh to discover the hidden mirth Swaying my dark hair on your sturdy wet neck, I take the… Continue reading Yearnings.

To A New Colour

    Sacrosanct air, violet toes touching , spamming grounds An eggshell face, with polka-dots this family is vintage. With bewildering tales, this air becomes scissor-talks, A temple is burnt, A miscarriage occurs, The soil is pale black, the tremors are afraid to knock the window pane. You and I see this We carry the… Continue reading To A New Colour

Wheels Of Fortune

    Wheels of fortune like sour grapes, apple tumbling my spirits. Spirits of fire, unflinching A ball of reveries, undiscovered. Musty halcyon, a penumbra of elixir. A soft cushion, a soothing balm. The nectar of hubris dreams, drooling in the breeze, a nimbus of dark clouds, an array of shooting stars, Wheels of Fortune… Continue reading Wheels Of Fortune