Decipher the Truth



City of parallel lies
with masks, twitches unheard
an intrusion of insects into the skin
the air is eerie.
scratch the masks people,
peel off the under skin
to see blueberries hanging
from your forehead.

In the serene morphic undistilled
inhale the dewy poetry.
The poetry that lies
inside the innocuous flesh.
The star consumes and spreads the beam.

© My Valiant Soul


43 thoughts on “Decipher the Truth

  1. I am no expert but can recognise class and poise. Clearly evident in yours.
    And I have just a thought, a stupid one. Sounded like antidote to blue whale horrors to the skin.
    Forgive if I have crossed the line

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  2. The truth itches to get out and poetry is the vessel that will transport it. I love the image of blueberries hanging from the forehead. I see the poet bathed in ink, the dewy poetry forming on blank pages as she takes care of that itch. I also love how you use skin as a barrier between what is unknown or even perceived from the outside and what is contained beneath the mask of that skin. Skin plays an important part in much of your poetry as both a transmitter and a barrier. Great writing, Devika!

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  3. I like “The star consumes and spreads the beam.”
    It’s a very good line with a strong sense of power within it.
    Have a happy Dussehra, Devika.
    Respectfully, Forrest

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