Dark- Tea-Tales

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image credits- Mary Cassatt

Come sit, have a cup of the black tea, I prepared.
The story is long for your forlorn heart would claim the pain in a moment or two.
The chain I talk today, oh, sorrow is diabolical.
So frugal, barbarous.
The inside of my heart left the colonies of fairy dust as if.
As I cross my wrist, hear the crackle of the bone.

The crackle of my solitude.
lit in my eyes,
the burning glaze you see,
the dilapidating music you hear,
come sit, have another cup of the black tea.
The ruckus runs through my dry skin, joining dots on my skin,
creating shambles like a dead corpse
creating paradox.
The arms extend late nights to grab a bottle of comfort, you see?
The comfort — a meadow, oh, the sweet meadow.
Peace like the ravishing Orchids, white nature.
Yes, the soft feather stating, gorgeous wings, infinite joyous tales to discover.
Oh, you finished the tea, wish a refill?
For this soul can say the darkest of the chronicles,
like the flowing wishful, the evergreen Ganges.

©My Valiant Soul



  1. The juxtaposition of comfort and torment is brilliant here. The repetition of topping up the cup with warm, calming tea, gives a different perspective to the darkness, making it easier to swallow, perhaps. And, any poetry that involves tea, has my attention from the get go 🙂 Great writing, again, Devika!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wanted to write a different piece and so this happend. I am pleased to know you like my tea filling repetition as that shows how clandestine one’s heart can be to talk about.
      And you know the rest.
      I couldn’t be more thankful to you for your beautiful feedbacks as they are always raw and sincere.

      Thank you for your kind reads, means a lot, Alex!

      Liked by 1 person

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