This state of Reality

Related imagechoke the cool breeze into my harsh reality

for I belong to the bricks of the wall

the screech of my language, wrapped in the tongue of anatomy

producing dark curtains, throttling small rooms

the lines of my palms remain  a false alarm

haywire sky, haywire mind

I could hear my slow breaths now disappearing like the cold drizzle


Insensate, dead.

Lost in the murky woods, cutting my own throat

chopping my own sanguine state

chop, chop, chop, chop

And then lying as dark, pale, dust.



30 thoughts on “This state of Reality

      1. They do but sometimes those feelings fight amongst themselves. & all thats left is conflicting thoughts

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  1. The level of violence in this piece is brutal, from the choking int he opening lines to the chopping in the end. I love many lines but the false alarm in this lines on your palms, that really stands out because within those lines our story unfolds. Reading this reminds of a a sudden melt down where the mind and body just shut down. Reality can cut us through and through and you’ve certainly demonstrated this in your writing. Intense and so well-written, Devika!

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    1. My dark poetries are well entertained by you and that makes me happy.
      You get the dark images in the most best way and that too delights me.
      Thankyou for getting the imageries that I used.
      You are always a keen reader with much higher capabilities as a writer!

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      1. You are most welcome, You know I love your poetry, especially your style of writing., Devika, and your dark poetry has some of the greatest impact on me. Thank you for the kind words.

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