Pastel-Dreamy love


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like colours of star-dust,
with pastels shade, devouring my deleterious thoughts
or the beatific sparkle in petals of morning sunflower
you paint me with the bottle of red wine,
the colours splashing on my skin,
on my waist till the moonlit drops
on my lips, drinking the mystical sweet nectar
cracking my nights to make a vivid lacuna
A lacuna of fondness,
the smell of sheets penetrate into my bones
lifting the veil of frozen thoughts,
like painting colour on a white jackfruit
then bursting the same
burst your touch on my forehead, burst your flow on my cheekbones
a crackling sound, a music of the symphony
Lion devours the she-wolf
A fight indeed, or the wild ocean of invincible smell
the smell of us breathing, Melody
Jingles of star in the galaxy
stroking us with quixotic flavours of cupid
Puerile streams of river now flowing on my sweet breast
on my lips,
on my refreshed eye
creating a new landscape, a landscape of roses romancing the wine.


41 thoughts on “Pastel-Dreamy love

  1. Very nice “romance” pieces today.
    You do “passion” particularly well.

    Cheers. Forrest

    you could
    look into her eyes
    and see her soul
    naked and exposed
    but a woman whole

    wrapped in
    Egyptian cotton
    that in no way could
    a thousand threads
    per inch conceal

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  2. You are such a vivid painter of words. I love the way you attack the senses in your work, bringing them altogether to create a masterpiece that is unique and refreshing. I also believe the repetition is indicative of passion, constantly repeating itself to create this beautifully coloured work. Awesome poetry, MVS!

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  3. your words are the brush… readers emotions and minds are the canvas… and on it, you have painted a most sensual and beautiful picture. As always, I love your work!

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