As I write


The letter…
image credits- Pinterest

The intoxication within is valiant enough to infuse my pen with the darkest of the tales to tell,
My heart is surreptitious at times, hiding even the lamest of smiles,
as I write, the emotions open up like the blooming of bluebells, now I know what all troubled me
The white sheet was dark before my ink decorated it with my diverse butterflies,
The sheet is adorned now conquering the dust,  flickering with cuts of heart
as I write, I learn the truth
and so my pen does not break
I write, I write.

©My Valiant Soul



  1. ‘The white sheet was dark before I decorated it…’ is such a great line and telling of the urge of the poet to write. It’s when we stop writing that we have trouble for writing is our outlet. Well-said, MVS!

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      1. I think it’s one of your best. It is indicative of your ability to capture the essence of the writer in full bloom. Every writer will be able to connect with this. You are most welcome.

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