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image credits- Pinterest


Beyond this cracking wall, in the horizon of that empty dusk,
I walk in the blues of protrusion of my floral cheeks
my mind scratched, my heart stabbed
A partition of a falling star and constellation of stars
a Meraki of a paper boat, if you know
I walk in unknown thorns, small, oval, sweet and bitter
if bitterly waves reside in this moment, I shall conjure my body
with naked dust
And that dust will still hurt my iris,
for my eyes has seen the deep red scar

© My Valiant Soul


  1. Lovely piece and wording. I didn’t know what Meraki meant, but now know and the imagery is fitting. I like the notion of being covered in dust, and can’t help but think (due to the falling stars and constellations) it might be cosmic dust..tinged with the makings of the world.

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      1. You’re welcome, i wish i had more time to devour and comment. I like your work also, it has a timeless quietly yet feels like it’s written years before. It’s a lovely specific charm. Keep it up 🙂

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