Decipher the Truth

    City of parallel lies with masks, twitches unheard an intrusion of insects into the skin the air is eerie. scratch the masks people, peel off the under skin to see blueberries hanging from your forehead. In the serene morphic undistilled waters, inhale the dewy poetry. The poetry that lies inside the innocuous flesh.Continue reading “Decipher the Truth”


      Fumes of twilight shout your name adorned in gracious pastel fields of paddy Aroma and lanterns of your touch conjure the magic in this cool breeze making my inner shades all yours, My teeth clasping your skin, like the raindrops romancing with the earth. Inexplicable, beddable for you. ©My Valiant Soul

A myth

      Surreal spectrum of rainbows clicking my mind in the sultry daydream. A mirage unknown, Faces floating roses blooming till the moonlit occurs, a failed marriage, or child marriage Lavender smiles, perplexion in minds Mahogany sturdy furniture to cherish, and the coffin is just a wood. oh, human, what a myth! ©My ValiantContinue reading “A myth”


    i peel off my orange skin, there is a black spot like the dust of an ebb. in the soils, i see mundane butterflies can beauty be insipid? so what about the moon? i know, you will say it has the insane spot. so, why do people sprinkle beauty? if beauty can beContinue reading “Beauty”

Sullen Darkness

  From a dark hole, no light can be seen. Darkness eats darkness, to produce more of it. Sustenance in the trunk of tree or sustenance in the thunderstorms will make your body and mind a living zombie Caricatures shall be burned smokes, ashes and grave. Floating fingers, aerial flaps of thigh hunting red eyes,Continue reading “Sullen Darkness”

Transparent Memory

In the vermilion threads of sunset rays,  aberrant fireflies sparkled the molecules of tiniest grass, the loops of a feather, imbrication of skin and lip Aromas meeting raindrops, the scent coinciding, intruding into the chaos of your numb eye where the mind shackles see Apricity, Eyes know the true palpitations, Obscure stream of water my lips thatContinue reading “Transparent Memory”

Wild Star

    That night was like firecracker. Galaxy overloaded with the stardust. The hums of two souls on this bed sheet could be heard above in the oblivion red sky. The music that our touch produced, the chains formed of lust, the golden promises, the congruence of love. That impeccable mystery rocked the spaces above,Continue reading “Wild Star”

Dark- Tea-Tales

Come sit, have a cup of the black tea, I prepared. The story is long for your forlorn heart would claim the pain in a moment or two. The chain I talk today, oh, sorrow is diabolical. So frugal, barbarous. The inside of my heart left the colonies of fairy dust as if. As IContinue reading “Dark- Tea-Tales”

This- Body- is -Truth

    A basket of floral patterns started right here, from my proclaimed beauty. I was beautiful, like a cast of Aurora on the Himalayas. First, I learned and swallowed truth with honey, so was the birth of my eyes. this deep, hazelnut mosaic eyes My body contacted with the blatant Moon, who marked myContinue reading “This- Body- is -Truth”