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The ball of shadow

Image credits- Pinterest

Creating maps, a shadow of present and future,

I am scarlet, red ball of hope,fire with golden skin drooling in my cerebrum.

I hold your forlorn secrets of love, euphoria

Thoughts of tranquility, bewilderement.

The tassels of my veins drop from the abyss to your cascading voice

Voice of unheard owl,

Voice of stale rum from your creaking cabinet

Hear, the roar, then circle around the chords of fire and I shall put my sonder finger,
The soft baby fur in your twinings of eye

I may melt away, like the hot wax after the flamboyance of my stainless charm you see

That flickers on the epidermis of a new born child extending from it’s arm

Hanging to the knee joint of it’s granny.

Her skin, my revealation, my reflection.

You tell your clandestine tales as shackles  to me, yet mingling in the soft comfort of

My nemesis-the Moon.

Curl your spirit, trim the patchy mud

Produce bouquet of roses

A potion of clairvoyance.

A coffin to immortal souls.

Jump on my palpitating marks of grace,

Swallow my gifted praise

Swallow the mercury,

The titanium I wear

the caress of my toes tickling your cold winters shrug

Embracing the pits you produced

The heinous acts of disgust

The conundrum play.

My vigor holds marks of indelible faith,

An alacritous Sirimiri

To compose the monotonous dry days

My nectar, sweet honey-suckle home to wanderes, the bandits, the truth holders

Producing a teacup of auburn rays

An array of shimmery light

The colossal rhythm on fingers

A dandelion kiss.

29 thoughts on “The ball of shadow

  1. This is a complex piece that weaves together both positive and negative word images.
    It’s best line and image is last line: “A dandelion kiss.”

    The reader is left with the image of a pair of lips closely approaching a dandelion and giving it a gentle blow to scatter the windborne seeds. It’s a positive, uplifting image to leave the reader with…

    As they will know that the sum combination of the other images will require further study, which I suspect will not provide a definitive answer with this poem.

    It is more likely a puzzle that might be solved, if it is to be solved, by reading a number of your poems over time.

    All the pieces of the puzzle may not exist in one poem.

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    1. I do not know about my other readers but you always get the true essence of my poetry.It feels good to know that.
      “A dandelion kiss” my this expression is accurately expressed by you.
      And yes it’s a puzzle and does end on a positive note.The sun asks to become like him.
      To shine like that great ball of shadow.

      Liked by 2 people

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