Rise and Heal

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Like autumn leaves my words are shredded
into the oblivious basket of doleful cracked souls.
I rise once again, hoping for a falling star and collecting its
reminiscence into my insipid hair,
only to emboss the flaws and flourish with my insecurities.



Rise and heal.

Β©my valiant soul

26 thoughts on “Rise and Heal

  1. autumn leaves
    red and gold
    they tumble down
    like exhausted
    from the trees
    they spiral down
    lazily and
    by the breeze
    they tumble down
    mostly aimlessly
    like a Flamenco
    dancer bowing
    to the ground
    in curtsy
    I have no doubt you
    will rise
    and heal
    and flourish Devika.
    You have shown continuous
    bravery, hope, and strength
    in your writing and life.
    I expect you will get everything
    that you seek in life…
    Of this I am certain.

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    1. Wow!
      This poem that you wrote touched me even better. How vividly I can feel a ray of hope and optimism through your words.

      Forrest, you have always encouraged me to write fearlessly and rise bravely in my writings and I am so blessed to have your delightful words on my writings. Much thanks yet again!

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