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Under the clear skies with pearls of white words,
I knit my word into my emotion, repeat the process
brush, brush, and blink, blink.
Taking the ecstasy onto my teeth, I feel the caress of my saddest lines,
put it on my fragile white shoulder,
then cut my words and swallow the ink,
this is how I started Poetry.

With a blank space between my fingers,
with a crooked faith,
my breast was swollen with fire, the unflinching desire
thumping my murky pen, producing a river of composed mind,
producing the glitters of fairy dust
this is how I started Poetry.


50 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. This is a beautiful look at how you write, and, perhaps, how many of us write. The repetition of ‘this is how I started Poetry’ adds emphasis to how the necessity to write is always there. I also enjoyed the alliteration in the third line and the capitalization of Poetry, giving it great significance. Great work, MVS.

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  2. I think you have it right Devika..
    Advice from Karl Shapiro, Pultizer Prize Winner, first day of class as my instructor in poetry at UC. Davis on “poetry”…
    If you are in this class to get published, win a Pultizer Prize in poetry, and to get rich and famous writing poetry, you’re in the wrong class. You don’t write poetry to become famous or make money. You write poetry because you love poetry and the gentle caress of well-chosen words in expressing yourself. Most of you will never be published on substantial basis, so write for an audience of one. You! Write for you! Write with honesty and if you work at it and practice hard enough you may find your voice and find you are able to please that audience of one. If you reach this level, you are a successful poet. If you should find an audience beyond your audience of one, that’s gravy. If you have been able to write something that pleases you, you are already a successful poet.

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    • I feel the same. I know one thing and that os to pour my heart out on this piece of paper. I want no monetary gains or things similar.
      Loving poetry is everything to a great poet and that does not include getting luxuries related to it.
      I try to learn and still work on my poetry which you truly understand.
      Thank you for such a warm message and wise words, Forrest!

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