Newborn Me


image credits- my valiant soul

Time: An acerbic motionless protest cling to my feet,
abstruse it lies on my face disguised as the
murky hair-strand, defining today’s black solitude
whiffing tomorrow’s grey death.
Friable snippets of my today’s sorrow still exist,
lying on my wet sheet of the chopped pillow
as the translucent water drops on my oak tree,
Dissonant hangings still sing bliss
while my insipid dulcet arms cross each other in anguish.
I see a black star, death perhaps?
I see a white star, sufferings perhaps?
Convulsions of betrayal paralysis my lower half
in the basket of crooked watermelon slices.
I knead the vacuum of Orion, stepping into the loophole
of the web of time, knots constrain my teeth,
Now, time halts inside my empty stomach
echoing the bulge of a lump of void dust.
Brushing the remnants onto my airy skin,
The striking of pendulum in my upper eyelid
gives the aftermath to a newborn me.


©my valiant soul

Published by

my valiant soul

A dreamer and a believer for the upliftment of women rights. A published poet, author, writer. Believes in dancing and cooking amazing food for hungry souls at times. Loves to write and write till the moon is satisfied. My writings can be found at Visual Verse, Indian Periodical, Sick Lit mag, Duane's Poetree, Thistle magazine, among various others. Curator of Olive Skins.

28 thoughts on “Newborn Me”

  1. Your blog is really awesome and inspiring. You have a great gift within you.Please continue blogging and inspire people around you . And if you can please do visit my blog and let me know about it. It would be really helpful . This is the link to my blog

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  2. It is interesting the only way you can see both a black star and a white star is if you have neither
    a black nor white background. You’re seeing stars, but they may not be so ominous as noted. They may be the precursor of a new universe for you. “basket of crooked watermelon slices” is the strongest line and really jumps out at the reader in its unusualness as an image and thus potential importance, but in going through the process of rebirth as you have described… Many difficult things have been overcome and continue to be worked through, but one senses having made it this far you have the champion within you to see all these things to desired outcome you are seeking.

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    1. All the conjectures are extremely true as explained by you.
      I was unsure of my this piece as it really need deep sinking into it for an impeccable understanding. The imagery with stars was not cliched, as I believe and it was infact opposite which you have pointed!

      Thank you for your insights once again.

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  3. Wow! This is such a powerful piece. The images of shedding an old self (the mundane chopping and slicing of food), especially the onion which often represents the layers of an individual, which you now chop to pieces, making way for a newborn you. And, the use of convulsions, the undulating motions of trying to shake off that old skin. So, too, the image of the empty lump, the cavern from which you have just been expelled, is stark. I think you have perfectly captured the process (albeit in a most creative way) of rebirth. Once again, I must say, I am blown away by your mind’s eye and pens ability to translate the thoughts that exist within. Beautiful poetry, MVS.

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    1. Thank you Alex!
      It’s nice to have your deep anaylsis about my work as it helps me to know how well my work is doing. You never disappoint me with your valuable remarks which means a lot to me.
      I am happy to know you loved the imagery once again!

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