This is some amazing write-up I must say.

Within Chaos


My demons are relentless

They are shadow serpents
sinking venom teeth
charcoal vapor expelling
from a Cheshire smile
brilliant pearly glimmer
disconnected from their eyes

They taint disillusioned truth
color-shaded in ashes of heartbreak
hungry, feeding on inferiority
a collective parody of self-doubts
perplexing hatred and destruction

My secret lies splattered painted
upon the walls of frozen memory

I taste the eclipse, expanding
this ill perception of self

Explosive cherry bombs
igniting along the tip of my tongue
unsavory, bittersweet grievances
forcing the madness down my throat
an accidental rejection of my being

I plead for them to go,
these foul things,
but their hands reach inside me
clutching onto my heart,
thunderous against my chest
I can feel the formation
of my struggling breath

My adversaries of light, they whisper

“You can die by your own hand”

“A consolation gift for your errors”

I venture into a symphony of despair

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11 thoughts on “Age Of Solitude

  1. When depressives, been there done that- will always remain wholly weak, entirely immaterial, immature and unattractive- and until she is able to learn better, a festering fucking scab which will not heal. Oh how flawed a species is when they are of the only make to know of sorrow for itself.

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