Radiant Dreams

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via Daily Prompt: Symphony

I match the hollows of my empty watered eyes

with the upcoming


The dandelion dreams

shall not die

instead will

have coruscating thorns

in the symphony of a sweet puddle

to become the powerful lantern

of all times.



  1. Stunning imagery. Planted seeds, nourished with water which flushes out the impurities and feeds the soul (like tears wash away the sadness or flush the eyes with joy), will blossom if nurtured. The extended metaphor is beautiful. I love the optimism and hope in this piece, MVS. This is pure poetry!

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    1. Hi Chhaya!
      I don’t know now what happened to my”break” as I begin to feel If I am not writing what the hell I am doing.
      Well I don’t know still when to actually take a break.
      Anyway, thanks for your immense love once again.:)

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      1. Haha…this shows that no matter where you go, but writing is where your heart would always remain. Well, good for your readers that you didn’t stop writing. We would have missed you so much. 😊

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